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Is Bitcoin Going to $1 Million?

25th May 2019 44

Many are speculating that bitcoin could be headed to $1 million. But what are the odds of this event happening and what are the potential problems? We examine the facts. For Peter Brandt's Youtube channel: […]

Trading & Crypto

Momentum is Shifting Higher for This Crypto

13th March 2019 36

There is a suddent momentum shift for one major crypto that is not often talked about. The charts look interesting. We examine the facts in this video. For more visit: For membership:

Trading & Crypto

Next Downside Targets for Two Major Cryptos

28th January 2019 40

What are the next likely targets for two major cryptos? Here's a simple technique you can apply to find these targets and support levels, as we show in the video. For more on bitcoin visit: […]

Trading & Crypto

Bitcoin’s NEXT Downside Target is…

4th December 2018 0

What could be the next Bitcoin lower target if it continues to drop? Here is what the charts are telling us, on the balance of probabilties. For the webinar: For more on bitcoin visit:

Trading & Crypto

Here’s What Bitcoin’s Bounce Really Means

4th December 2018 70

Bitcoin bounced recently after a major drop of almost 50%. So what this recent pullback or retrace mean? We explain. For more on bitcoin: For the LT Elliott Waves indicator, contact Sara in our support […]

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