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Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now

15th June 2019 33

Bitcoin's Next Big Move Setting Up Now After a brief pause, Bitcoin has surged higher again. What could this mean and what are the potential wave counts on Bitcoin. We look at the charts. #Bitcoin […]

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Has Bitcoin’s Rally Reached Maximum FOMO?

1st June 2019 35

Bitcoin's powerful surge higher has many people asking if we have reached the point of "Maximum FOMO" – in other words, has the fear of missing out peaked? We examine the charts. For more on […]

Trading & Crypto

Does Bitcoin’s Momentum Have More Juice?

25th May 2019 40

Bitcoin's advance and surge has not yet been beaten down. But how much more momentum could we potentially expect? And what does it mean? We explain in this video. For more on Bitcoin visit: For […]

Trading & Crypto

Bitcoin’s Long Term Chart Could Change Everything

5th May 2019 43

The long term chart of bitcoin is showing something important about the next bitcoin bull market. We examine the charts as to what it means. For Paul Elliott's Webinar: For more on Bitcoin: For membership:

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