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Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Awesome Produce Bags: Washable & Recycled!

24th March 2019 0

Reusable Bags: So many of you are already using your own reusable bags when you go shopping, which is so awesome! Have you thought about getting your own reusable produce bags? What a great way […]

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets on a LFRV Diet

23rd March 2019 20

To purchase a Vitamix: See more of the products I use and love here: Raw Synergy Store: I've had many requests for a video sharing the various tools and gadgets I use in the kitchen. […]

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Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Parasite Update & FAQ

22nd March 2019 0

Parasite Blog: Get A Zapper: For international purchases, please use this link: Original Parasite Video: How To Clean Your Zapper Video: Join me on facebook! FREE Shipping on your Vitamix here:

Raw Synergy - Healthy Eating Ideas

Hair Care routine update – No “Poo”

18th March 2019 20

I've found something I like even better than baking soda and lemon for cleansing my hair. 100% powdered mineral clay! You'll likely either love it or hate it but I had to share my success […]

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