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5 Hated Cryptos I’m Going to BUY Soon

29th August 2019 34

While bitcoin has moved sideways, most cryptocurrencies have in downtrends. It is possible that the downtrend could end in the coming weeks and months. In this video we explain which cryptos we are looking at […]

Jeff Berwick - Dollar Vigilante

Crypto Noobs vs Hodlers

6th June 2019 23

Are you an Investor or a Gambler ? 😂 🤠 Follow @VigilanteCrypto on Twitter: Follow @DollarVigilante on IG: Tickets for Anarchapulco 2020 available now: Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante:

Trading & Crypto

This Bitcoin Contrary Signal Just Skyrocketed

16th May 2019 24

An important contrarian signal on Bitcoin just surged higher this week. Coupled with some patterns on the charts, what could this potentially mean for Bitcoin and cryptos? For more on bitcoin visit:

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