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How You’ll Know When Bitcoin FINALLY Bottoms

2nd March 2019 47

What patterns and chart signals can tell you when bitcoin potentially bottoms? This video explains some of the key patterns and levels to watch. For more on bitcoin visit: For membership:

Trading & Crypto

Is This a FAKE Out Rally in the Markets?

17th February 2019 40

Could the strong rally we have seen in the major stock markets be a "fake out" rally – like a bull trap? One market and chart seems to think so. We examine the facts. For […]

Trading & Crypto

The Market That Knows ALL is Warning Us

24th January 2019 38

There is one market that few people know about, that can potentially tell us what the professionals are thinking behind the scenes. We reveal the details in the video. For more visit:

Trading & Crypto

Is Bitcoin Closer to a Bottom?

11th January 2019 68

Has Bitcoin dropped to a level where it is now closer to forming a bottom? We examine the facts. For more on bitcoin visit:

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