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What NOBODY is Saying About the Boeing Air Crash

14th March 2019 28

The major news headlines about Boeing's airplane crashes has everyone worried Boeing's airplane safety. But are people forgetting the facts? And what next potentially for Boeing's stock (BA)? For more visit: For the LT Elliott […]

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One Chart Calls BS on the Market’s Rally

11th March 2019 40

Despite the strong rally in the major stock markets since December, one chart is casting doubt on this rally. It's worth having another look at it – as explained in this video. For more visit: […]

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Should I Buy Bitcoin Now… or Wait?

10th March 2019 48

The big question a lot of folks are asking right now is whether bitcoin has bottomed, or whether it really matters if bitcoin has bottomed since it has dropped nearly 85%! So who is right? […]

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Why Bitcoin and ALL Markets Obey 2 Weird Rules

24th February 2019 32

There are just 2 things that all markets including bitcoin have in common. Knowing why these 2 rules matter can make you understand and appreciate the price action of any market. For more on Bitcoin […]

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Is This a FAKE Out Rally in the Markets?

17th February 2019 40

Could the strong rally we have seen in the major stock markets be a "fake out" rally – like a bull trap? One market and chart seems to think so. We examine the facts. For […]

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Why Bitcoin Will Go to 30,000

16th February 2019 62

There is ONE chart that seems to show that Bitcoin could go to 30,000 in the future. My friend and trader Zak Mir gave me the idea for this video – which in my view […]

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What Will Cause the Next Market Crash?

9th February 2019 38

What could bring about the next major crisis in the economy and market crash? We explore the likely possibilities in this video. For membership visit:

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The Market That Knows ALL is Warning Us

24th January 2019 38

There is one market that few people know about, that can potentially tell us what the professionals are thinking behind the scenes. We reveal the details in the video. For more visit:

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