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Bitcoin’s Long Term Chart Could Change Everything

5th May 2019 43

The long term chart of bitcoin is showing something important about the next bitcoin bull market. We examine the charts as to what it means. For Paul Elliott's Webinar: For more on Bitcoin: For membership:

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When Will I Change My Mind on Bitcoin?

24th April 2019 10

How can you know with a high degree of probability that bitcoin has likely started a bull market? What needs to happen first. In this video we reveal 3 very important and interesting scenarios on […]

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Are We in A New Bitcoin Bull Market?

23rd April 2019 36

Is it likely that we have started a new bitcoin bull market? What are the Elliott Wave counts potentially saying? We examine the facts.. For more on bitcoin visit:

Trading & Crypto

Should I Buy Bitcoin Now… or Wait?

10th March 2019 48

The big question a lot of folks are asking right now is whether bitcoin has bottomed, or whether it really matters if bitcoin has bottomed since it has dropped nearly 85%! So who is right? […]

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