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Is Bitcoin Going to $1 Million?

25th May 2019 44

Many are speculating that bitcoin could be headed to $1 million. But what are the odds of this event happening and what are the potential problems? We examine the facts. For Peter Brandt's Youtube channel: […]

Trading & Crypto

Does Bitcoin’s Momentum Have More Juice?

25th May 2019 40

Bitcoin's advance and surge has not yet been beaten down. But how much more momentum could we potentially expect? And what does it mean? We explain in this video. For more on Bitcoin visit: For […]

Trading & Crypto

This Bitcoin Contrary Signal Just Skyrocketed

16th May 2019 24

An important contrarian signal on Bitcoin just surged higher this week. Coupled with some patterns on the charts, what could this potentially mean for Bitcoin and cryptos? For more on bitcoin visit:

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