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Is Bitcoin Going to 100K in One Year?

31st August 2019 35

Where could bitcoin be heading in one year by 2020? Is Bitcoin's target ultimately 100K if the bull market continues… or is it 2K if it falls into a bear market? We examine the facts […]

Trading & Crypto

5 Hated Cryptos I’m Going to BUY Soon

29th August 2019 34

While bitcoin has moved sideways, most cryptocurrencies have in downtrends. It is possible that the downtrend could end in the coming weeks and months. In this video we explain which cryptos we are looking at […]

Trading & Crypto

Has Gold Topped?

27th August 2019 32

Gold has had an amazing 22% rally so far in the past few weeks. But could there now be signs of a potential intermediate top in the yellow metal? We look at the charts. #Gold […]

Trading & Crypto

Bitcoin and Gold Rally… What Happens Now?

10th August 2019 33

Bitcoin and Gold have both seen a significant uptrend in recent months. Bitcoin is still consolidating. Gold may do the same. Charlie and Alessio look at the charts of Bitcoin and Gold for what could […]

Trading & Crypto

Why I Hope the Markets COLLAPSE Soon

4th August 2019 33

Many people are worried about a coming crash in the markets. I am not and in this video I want to explain why a drop in the stock markets, bitcoin and real estate may be […]

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