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The Bitcoin Chart NOBODY is Seeing Right Now

10th April 2019 31

There are some important signals on a chart of bitcoin that very few people are watching right now. What does it mean for BTC? We explain in this video. For more on Bitcoin visit: For […]

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Bitcoin Pushes Up These 2 Cryptos… What Now?

5th April 2019 25

The recent surge in Bitcoin has put upward pressure on 2 other major cryptos which we usually mention. But what are the key levels of support and potential risks for cryptos like XRP and Dash? […]

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Is Bitcoin Closer to a Bottom?

11th January 2019 68

Has Bitcoin dropped to a level where it is now closer to forming a bottom? We examine the facts. For more on bitcoin visit:

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The Bitcoin Signal NOBODY is Watching Right Now

7th December 2018 63

What are the most important bitcoin signals right now, according to the charts and higher timeframes? We explain in the video. For our new LT Elliott Waves indicator: For more on bitcoin:

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Bitcoin’s NEXT Downside Target is…

4th December 2018 0

What could be the next Bitcoin lower target if it continues to drop? Here is what the charts are telling us, on the balance of probabilties. For the webinar: For more on bitcoin visit: