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37 Comments on Will Bitcoin Provide a SECOND Chance to Buyers?

  1. Thanks for the historic analysis (on BTC & Gold) — you are one of the few Analysts/Traders I look forward seeing on YouTube

  2. Thank you alessio for introducing BETWS Y COED to me few weeks back .its a lovely place .thanks

  3. It’s a wave 3 on the way up not a 4 and 5 on the way down. Thats a problem with EW everyone drawing their owns …

    • so you are implying we will see a correction very soon and a higher high after that? This would ultimately mean we will see something like 10k or more before we reach a new low? Doesn’t make much sense to me tbh. Please feel free to elaborate 🙂

  4. 3day 100MA strong resistance and btc bouncing at the 14day EMA. Overall pattern is ascending triangle.

  5. BTC bottomed in mid-Dec. and started brand new cycle at $3122. There will be another chance after this current run, but I wouldn’t expect to see another bottom. I look for it to drop to $4000 or so. Cheers

    • I also believe much more in the 4 year cycle analysis by Bob Loukas than this elliott theory and comparing with gold.

    • don’t be so sure or emotional about it ,you might be supprised by the ne next move of btc,I think btc will go down further for a long time until exhausting out people before the next bull run get started

  6. I will hit the like button, then i will watch the video. Your efforts are appreciated regardless of whether you are right or wrong. Keep up the great work, Alessio!
    The BTC chart looks like it could go either ways.

  7. Bitcoin is not anon, use mixers for you safety. helixbygrams. com and bitcoinblender. pro

  8. The reason for the next heavy bull run is the May 2020 halving. Till October we will have a sideway market 4k-6k.

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