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Will Bitcoin Flush Out the Bulls?

What could the recent volatile drop in Bitcoin mean for BTC? And what does our leading indicator say about the crypto? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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22 Comments on Will Bitcoin Flush Out the Bulls?

  1. Thanks Alessio you just saved me a bunch of money :-).. awesome video as usual..Short but very informative!

  2. Thanks Alessio,,, I always gravitate to your balanced outlook… Better not to FOMO but take a more balanced outlook on BTC and the Crypto’s… We all want to hit the big time with these cryptos but will have to wait a little longer and take those profits when they show up according to your designated plan,,, be it 1x or 3x or 10x… cheeers to all,,, keep on HODLing crypto cheer leaders…

  3. 5 stages of grief lmao. Good video I have used dollar cost averaging for a few years I feel it’s the best method for me

  4. What do you think about BAKKT, launching next week, can it have a big impact on the price?
    I would like to have more bags. I do not know if I should buy or wait?

  5. *_I sold 7 bitcoins when the price hit 13k .. and i bought 7 bitcoins just before 2 hours from now_*

  6. I don’t think Litecoin has to do with anything with Bitcion movement, I think its just a coincidence, No one predicts where bitcoin is going based on litecoin chart.

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