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Will Bitcoin ETF Open a Trap Door or Push BTC to 10K?

How could Bitcoin respond to a potential decision by officials for a Bitcoin ETF? Many are speculating this could send bitcoin immediately much higher. But what do the facts and charts suggest?

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34 Comments on Will Bitcoin ETF Open a Trap Door or Push BTC to 10K?

    • All these unnecessary suspense is how (indirectly) all these bastard governments manipulate the markets, whether BTC or practically any things ?! As far as i’m concerned, i have to largely dismiss these ‘noises’ & instead look beyond such superfictial distractions towards the longer term more reliable fundamental factors to decide on any investment decisions ?!

    • I am honoured. In that case, I highly suggest that you do DO enjoy a good steak and fine beer – because those are exactly what I would do. 🙂 cheers!

    • LOL if that is all you understood from this video, then God help us all! 🙂 But I know you are joking. cheers and thanks for watching.

    • +Alessio Rastani yeah I was joking 🙂 I usually make fun of those typical “TA” statements and at that point in the video it was exactly that 😉

  1. This is son nonsensical that you’re looking at ETF (Controlled by Government agencies) rather than the halvening (Bitcoin’s fundamentals)

    • Suman – thanks for your comment. However, as you know, the halving of Bitcoin is ALSO known by professionals – it is nothing new. If it is obvious to you, then it is very obvious to everyone else too (specially the pros). So the “news” of that event is already absorbed by the price, very probably. Thank you.

    • I agree. Thanks for your reply, but historically halving has always been a sign of a trend change and bull market, While ETF is a new thing , plus it isn’t necessary for bitcoin to drop in an ETF news, more likely for a flash crash imo. Professionals will rather accumulate the dips than short and time the top.

  2. ETF is irrelevant to the bitcoin price long term. It might play out short term but not for the longer time frame.
    I’m holding until bitcoin reaches more than $100K

  3. This is nothing new. But bitcoin is way more than buy the rumors and sell the news. This is not trading a stock (company)…! I recommend u to watch Bob loukas to understand the bigger picture. No offense here. Thank u for your good videos

  4. I swear I know the bitcoin direction
    Going up or down or maybe sideways
    I swear to god it will do one of these this

  5. What rumour? What news exactly? There were many more factors why the price of btc went to 20k. It was not 1 rumour and 1 news.

  6. Hmm. I think that ETF will not be approved for years, and when it will be, we will see an astronomical dump not a pump

  7. Agree with the general tone and wisdom but if it’s a physical ETF like the Van Eck application that requires BTC to be bought, will that not exert upward pressure on BTC, perhaps that is longer term scenario than the insta-pump effect?

  8. okay mr bear, i am still waiting for your 2k prediction to fruition so i can finally go all in!

    • if you have money sitting, you should buy up alt coins because those are still severely discounted. makes no sense to hold out for just one over-valued investment. especially since it is like investing in a tulip. Platforms are where you make the most. Because those coins are like fuel for all the stuff that is built on their network. so it is like investing in oil.

  9. well …. there are 3 options … sideway up or down … WOW !!!!!! such a revelation

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