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47 Comments on When Will Bitcoin Go ABOVE 20,000?

  1. It’s 2:26am here in California but I’m glad I stayed up to watch this. Thanks for this update Alessio, love watching all of your free updates. You’re awesome brother.

    • +ruFFz there is a major crash comming; the everything bubble, wich will be the biggest in the united state, becouse of there debt. People already see there dollar devaluation every year becouse of inflation. When a crisis comes, then the dollar could see hyperinflation, so a loss of faith in fiat could be soon

  2. Previous highs were on speculation and hype and under 1% of population aware of cryptocurrencies.Possible ETF ‘s and regulations coming this year. BAKKT, Fidelity and other institutional investor custodian services this year also. ..I respectfully disagree on the the next ATH timeframe..
    Also not a big fan of TA in an unregulated and manipulated environment.

    • +superman Now you sound like you have been conditioned and hurt in the markets..No noob here mate, been doing this over a decade in the equities and commodity markets..crypto as we know it is a whole new beast with around a decade of historical data and market conditions to evaluate..change your mindset on this one as the patterns and future outcomes will be different to previous markets..human behaviour and psychology will remain the same but all else will be a whole new ball game…thanks for your concern though 👍

    • I predict BTC will reach its ATH this year…

      Or it won’t.

      There you have it folks. This prediction is more accurate than most all the “experts” predictions.

      What’s that rule… past action is no guarantee of future action ? Believe that because it’s the only constant !

      Overall I think most will agree… cryptocurrency is here to stay, so at some point price will reflect utility.

    • +superman And you knew it would go from 1-20k in 2017? Or a few cents to 20k in less than 10 years? Or you shorted 20k down to 3k last year? Is 6X in 2 years impossible? Or that General Zod would nearly kill you? !

    • +Finger Mouse 6x in a bull market is possible in crypto but not in a bear market ..hitting the bottom and accumulation thats a longggg time. I know noobs wanna be rich fast but thats not how marker cycle works.

    • If you don’t think the traditional market is just as manipulated even though regulated you probably should do more research in general in investing.

  3. Not mentioned here is the key factor of the BTC halfing and the scarcity increase and fomo afterwards that caused huge spike in it’s value in the past 7 years..

    • Andrew Freeman – Good point-

      LTC halving is due Summer 2019! Then Bitcoin 2020! (also BCH, BTGold and BSV) The 500 per cent increase in LTC in the run up to 2015 mining reward halving enabled people to take profits and transfer them to Bitcoin! This helped pump the Bitcoin price (which increased by 40 per cent) and helped end the bear market!

    • they are stronger, but not yet strong enough to support new ATH prices… that will only happen when Bitcoin acutally starts to become useful enough to drive adoption for practical use. Until then people are going to remain vary wary of “investing”…

  4. Thanks for highlighting the importance of technical analysis. It is necessary in making profits in the crypto market short term but it is optional. Fundamental analysis is not optional. First rule of investing is knowing what exactly are you getting into.


    That’s all the fundament you need. Great video Alessio, I think the 2019 will be the year of institution investors.

    Cheers from Prague

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