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38 Comments on What Will Cause the Next Market Crash?

    • +kbrown11357 Who created it, doesn’t matter.. Because, those who created it can’t change or affect it’s functionality as it’s decentralized.

    • MrB1923 Blockchain is one thing and BTC is another, for one world cryptocurrency there’s no need of bitcoin. It could happen. I also believe in 10 or less years btc will disappear, May be hackers can creat the collapse or if whales decide to sell everything

    • shubham preet Who created it doesn’t matter?

      In order to understand if anyone has a vested/biased and or interest in creating it; we need to know its know originator.

      It most certainly matters.

    • A huge reason I would stay away.

      Have you asked yourself can I trust CNN? A major paid for brainwashing network?

      Anything CNN pushes for cant be good. Whatever CNN does; I do the opposite.

  1. Thank you guys for your comments and feedback as always! Give me your own opinion: other than the scenarios we mentioned in the video, what other possible causes could there be for a major financial crisis in the next few years? Did we miss out anything? Many thanks!

    • The tiny country in top of Greece called FYROM, there is been a lot of talk about the joining NATO and EU. That will make the EU numbers bigger and more valuable, considering a new county is joining EU.

    • Major disaster. Like a giant earthquake. Or a massive volcano eruption: Not so long ago that halted air traffic in most of Europe… but if one of the big volcanoes erupts, things could be much, much worse. Like the Laki eruption in the 18th century which caused chaos from Egypt to US, the cooling as a result of ashes blocking sunlight caused snow in the heart of summer in the UK for instance, famine, death… and even more unbelievable, it sparked the French revolution.

    • @Janne Wolterbeek Well that strategy you mention has already been deployed . However there is no major real climate danger but read this, they got what they needed:

      ‘What we need from [pseudo]scientists are estimates, presented with *sufficient* conservatism and plausibility but at the same time as free as possible from internal disagreements that can be exploited by political interests, that will allow us to start building a system of artificial but effective warnings, warnings which will parallel the instincts of animals who flee before the hurricane, pile up a larger store of nuts before a severe winter, or of caterpillars who respond to impending climatic changes by growing thicker coats [sic].’ from Meads lecture at 1975, The North Carolina conference

      PS: [pseudo] is my own addition to her speech, to make sure you guys get the right connotation of her saying…

    • Other external disasters could be: comet impact (same effect as major volcano eruption or far worse), huge solar flares (causing a broken energy grid and disrupting internet)…

    • First of all as a Greek i don’t afraid financial crisis anymore (we live in recession for 10 years). And yes FYROM will join NATO soon. I give 90% chances to EU because we faces crisis between EU members , the right side parties are getting stroger and EU elections are coming soon. TIP: I wouldn’t afraid the emerging markets in the next financial crisis.

  2. next crash will happen in the backround of a disaster…eg sunken U.S. aircraft carrier in the Caribbean (Venezuela) and losing control of the Panama Canal…that or a fake alien invasion…!!

    • Bingo.

      I don’t feel like big events cause these crashes. They are ticking time bombs that eventually explode.

  3. What? Do you really think it’s in the government is in the same control as the past 50 years. Trump is completely restructuring the economy, it’s not as predictable as with the previous governments have been. This is a change, completely to eliminate central bankers, this is in the whole worlds interest, don’t believe the rubbish governments drill out that everything will collapse if we don’t obey there beliefs, trump is different. Yes his tweet will crash the markets, but of the central banks and most holders in derivatives markets. Hold your money in your own procession, banks here in Australia already limit our withdrawals, how much more obvious does it need to be

  4. Great video Alessio, Zak is an interesting guy as well, thanks for providing us this video! Its 5 am here and I love when I see notifications from you

  5. Trust in the Euro and USD is dwindling. They’ve printed too much and people are putting two and two together.

    • not really.. just like this guy said, they can remove liquidity out of the market if they want to. Most USD are not printed anyways, and plenty of paper money is removed from circulation as well, so the money supply is not an ever growing thing like people want to make you believe. Also, people should take note that Zach talked about China’s debt problem, which is way much worse than the US, and the USD will continue to be the best fiat in town.

  6. Interesting that the the Abra app which uses Bitcoin (and Litecoin) as a base currency now gives worldwide exposure to Stocks and shares – Keiser Report on RT did interview with Abra CEO on Thursday – This new tech may affect all markets!

  7. Don’t matter what nibble…just buy bitcoin, its not connected to any industry or economy. The debt and printing nonsence can’t stay. BTC has nothing nonsensical, so….

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