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60 Comments on What Happens to Bitcoin if Stock Markets Crash into a Bear Market?

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  1. Thx Alessio for all your great work.
    I just have this to say:
    When did Satoshi create BTC?
    I Want to assume that BTC was made as The answer for next recession. I hope Satoshi had this in mind When he/she wrote The wp.

  2. The thing you did not mention is the majority of average joe people have already sold their bitcoin in 2018-19 so most of the people don’t have any bitcoin to sell if there is a recession.

    • The next recession will cause in a hyperinflation!
      So gold and Bitcoin is still a good deal.
      But you are right, first every asset will dump and cash will be king until the government start to print money!

    • Smarter people did’nt sell, but I agree most did….and the ones that still have some won’t impact the price by selling… There are some “whales” tho, who might!

    • reiwell del ehh I dont fully agree with that. 70 billion is tiny. This thing could have a 10 trillion dollar market cap. If were trading off risk reward ratios then it’s a good bet. No matter what bitcoin is.

    • It would if you are liquid, if your money is already in assets then it doesn’t, the only way to capitalize on low prices is when your in mostly cash. However if we have a currency crisis caused by the bank then assets could actually go up, that’s because the $ dollar would lose value so all asset price would increase, sadly that also include food and other goods as well as real estate and gold.

    • JamesThomas You’re assuming Bitcoin would go down in value during a recession. There’s no evidence to support that.

    • +Stocks & Shares Yes, I was assuming without evidence. But it required that for my witty little comment 😉

    • BUT be aware that the exchanges are trying to acquire coins. Real coins. They don’t have them. They trade in derivatives and fractional reserves. They can freeze accounts at any time with “Uh. Maintenance needed. We’ll get your cash to you in, uh, six weeks. Thank you, try again.” You risk losing your money or your coins during these volitile times while trying to onboard using fiat money. So, be afraid to try it when everyone is in panic mode. You get a Mt. Gox scenario pretty quickly. These exchanges are on shaky ground. They are totally unregulated. Even Gemini is FDIC but that means jack in a SHTF time. Best to get what you can now, put away in a hardware wallet and hodl through storm. Keep cash on hand and out of the banks, too. And for crying out loud, don’t invest in any banking products like IRA, Money Market account, Treasury bonds NONE of that. You will lose it all.

    • OK, when you will be struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent I want to see you sitting on your computer trading.

    • +Sebastian Pop lol sorry my answer displeased you, but the name of the game is collect bitcoin. The elites arent worried about selling into a recession. You can go ahead and sell, while the elite continue to accumulate at these ‘prices’. But if you sell, you weren’t playing with money you couldn’t lose. Just stating facts brotha.

      Hodl & Win.

      Best of luck to you man.

    • Millennial Motivation i was only asking a question….your on point and I agree I just want to know how long will the drop last if we can go on previous 2008 results

    • +Sebastian Pop I am not too sure. No one knows, which is why even speculation videos are getting a ton of views.

      Buy bitcoin at any price with money you’re not afraid to lose. Liberate your funny money from the banking system with a tangible asset.

    • +KingsRight during the next recession bitcoin & altcoins price will surely be rise because of acceptance of crypto among merchants, people dont need to sell off their crypto & it has been started. people can pay off for their daily needs as well as an investment opportunity………. sorry for wrong english

  3. Gold does not always go down as stocks tumble. Just look back over the last century. It depends on how low gold is compared to it’s intrinsic value (measured against oil). It is very low now, so therefore it will probably go up in this coming recession. I think we are already in one by the way. Nobody can know what bitcoin is going to do. At least cboe has stopped creating bitcoin futures for the time being. Less price manipulation. Also when currencies around the world finally collapse, well that is another story.

    • Owning some gold, silver or bitcoin will be a very furtunate position when the global generational debt based FIAT ponzi scheme collapses. It might not happen tomorrow, but in my lifetime for sure.

    • One could argue that gold has already corrected during this 10 year FAKE economic “recovery” and is ready for it’s next run, along with bitcoin.

  4. What do think will happen when the currencies collapse (Euro or/and Dollar) (hyperinflation for example). How would a crash like this look like?

    • Serious inflation, failed pension plans, blood in the streets, socialism and loss of human dignity.

  5. Alessio, thanks for the video, my 2 cents. Gold and Silver dropped in 08’ primarily because they had a 300% + climb 5 years prior, so traders took profit, got the price down and bought back in expecting the crisis driven bull run. This time around that’s not the case, metals have been flat or declined. Also I don’t think the people getting laid off in the next recession own any bitcoin, I think most weak hands have been cleared out in the past year. Just MHO, don’t mean to disagree.

    • Exactly. Average Joes have sold their bitcoins and if they want to buy back in they’re gonna have to pay a premium. I always look at bitcoin as more of an alternative payment system with completely different rules. We have the choice of that alternative anytime we see that cash fails.

  6. The bank bailouts in Cypress caused a major rally in bitcoin. Bitcoin does have the property of decentralisation in case of a systemic banking crisis. I would love you to give us your thoughts on how long this system of debt creation can continue Allesio. Hope others have requested this too, it’s something Max Keiser talks of sometimes.

  7. Here’s the scenario that sees Bitcoin rocket. Governments will print money to arrest the stock market crash.

    • Which means it probably won’t be affected by a recession at least with the price going down. Btc is in the sidelines in the mainstream and the panic is almost over with the 2017 bubble popping, and most desperate sellers have probably been weeded out already.

    • thats okay because the poor will remain poor the rich will continue to get rich and thats life. You dont think that the people who have an abundance of fiat wont want to hedge ?

  8. Venezuela is in a recession x1000. The citizens said BTC saved them.

    Maybe this is all the indicator we need? 🇺🇸

    • As small countries have currency failure and hyperinflation, they will need a new currency. The strong dollar is killing these countries with dollar denominated debt and they are trying to print out of debt which leads to hyperinflation. I think crypto will be the quickest and most convenient solution. If this plays out, it will flow massive sums of money into crypto as entire economy’s begin to use it as primary currency. Even if only a handful of small countries do this, it will have profound positive impact on the value of crypto.

    • Wrong the dollar is weak, it gets devalued all the time, the reason for the hyperinflation in Venezuela is the economic blockade which causes a financial meltdown the gobernment to solve this situation prints Bolivares massively but that causes problems, a partial solutions to the problems would be to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender it creates a win win situation with possibly only the bankers on the losing end.

    • Rubbish, BTC is least used crypto. They use other things, all off which are shitcoins which will not last.
      BSV is the only blockchain what is scaling for the mass usage and everything else is a massive scam and Ponzi schemes.

    • to freeze the value of their bolivars oh yeah!! definetly. gold is hard to buy and government controlled. Cryptos, government cant control it. Dash is also used to keep their value of their currency. unfortunately all the Venezuelans i have asked still don’t know how to use it.

  9. I think we are already in a global recession, but there’s so much noise and distractions and IMF pumps to keep it at bay (at lease for now)

  10. One big hole in your theory…IMO
    Gold is very poor means of exchange, crypto is best means of exchange!

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