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44 Comments on What Everybody Gets WRONG About the Markets

  1. 2007 I was 23 and jobless. I got into best mode and did 180k selling private health Care services from home. Brokering between facilities and the patient source. Sometimes we need recessions to help us realize our potential.

  2. The unemployment RATE is a terrible indicator because it only accounts for people actively seeking jobs that are also applying for unemployment benefits. This number simply doesn’t account for people who have run out of benefits or have given up on looking for employment. Not a very accurate portrayal of the true unemployment numbers because many people arent even being counted at this point. I know several individuals who have fallen between the cracks in this system and are not even reflected in these stats.

  3. The excellent low unemployment numbers reflect the positive outlook and expansion that is occurring…right before reality sets in and cleanup (contraction) occurs of all the poor or mediocre expansion that occurred.
    Poor expansion decisions like that chain that opened too many stores too quickly, or that new all you can eat place combining Fondue and Sushi.
    The expansion phase occurs because things begin to look safe, easy and people forget the last time things were hard.
    We should be very wary of the excellent unemployment occurring right now.

  4. There were a lot of recessions in the past 100 years, not a single time a government offical warned about it. So their opinions are completely irrelevant.

    What fundamentals are good? The last crisis was caused by too much debt and was solved by adding even more debt. If you actually watch The Big Short you will see that all their analysis was based on fundamentals, not technicals, and nearly all of them were one step away from bankruptcy. There were lots of short sellers who did go bankrupt because of counter party risk or lack of liquidity. They just didn’t make it into the movie.

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