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14 Comments on Wednesday Morning Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE with your Calls!

  1. Excellent programme. I think that everybody enjoyed it a lot, adding knowledge to this genius thing that is Bitcoin.

    Once again, thanks for your time and effort.

  2. In this pre-financialization phase it’s reassuring to me that Trace Mayer had Wall Street participants startled because they heard him say they can’t control the financial component of Bitcoin. Perhaps it will be less their thing until there is nothing financial left for them to control.

    • I enjoy a lot listening to Trace Mayer. He is always so playful and so knowledgeable. He interviews Caitling Long. Very technical hour but I ended up with a very much up beat. I am sure that it will be amazing when Bitcoin becomes main stream

    • In that interview (podcast August, 4, 2018, at Trace’s bitcoin . kn website) Caitlin and Trace share that there is good and bad financialization. Highly recommended podcast.

  3. 49:22 – yes, the 3D printed gun, no matter how many are made, has little-to-no or even negative social value. In fact it’s kind of boring: A single-shot plastic gun is even less interesting than the little derringers women used to carry.
    But the Feds’ use of the ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) to come down on Wilson like a ton of bricks – that needs to be opposed! – that is crazy overreach! International weapons trafficking absolutely needs to be stopped – but the plastic gun trade is the very least of that!

    • P522 revolver is 6 shots if completely nylon, and 8 shots if barrel liners are used. Available in 22lr 9mm and .357. The technology is improving rapidly don’t discount it. The liberator designed by Cody Wilson was mostly a symbol but already new models are proving successful

      correction: It’s the PM522 Washbear, worth a quick youtube search

  4. The problem with the bitcoin ETF is wall street re-hypothecating it because wall street makes more profit that way fictitiously creating more supply off chain. So how do we make sure this doesnt happen ? have the ETF release their public address or A non custodial multi sig wallet where it can be seen on chain ? IDK and its quite suspect the ETF proposals aren’t mentioning options to keep it transparent

  5. ALL the tyranny, injustices, mass murders by the State, including DPR, were completely “legal” according to some “judge’s order”.

    So whether Wilson’s actions violate that is irrelevant, particularly regarding the question of whether or not they “make the world a better place”.

  6. A few days ago you were telling us that “Trump was certainly done for this time, its very black and white” do you still feel this way? It seems that once again the media narrative has completely changed and he will be going nowhere, please comment on this tomorrow Thomas. Lmfao.

    • Count the guilty pleas and his accountant had turned states evidence. They have his newspaper man from the enquirer. The conversation had turned to firing the loyal Jeff Sessions so he can fire Muller. It’s a constitutional crisis and he doesn’t win. Count the pleas.

    • Yes but Cohen seems to have walked back much of what he said and Carl Bernstein is now turning out to be a bit of a lying fraud. This kind of damages the “open and shut” case they seemed to have, does it not? Please comment.

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