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WCN @ MisesU ~ Let’s Talk Bitcoin

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What Would You Change If?

The Mises University is the most pristine event in Austrian Economics, the study of the economy of a free society. Max is attending the classes and will interview the professors & attendees about economics, Bitcoin & freedom.

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6 Comments on WCN @ MisesU ~ Let’s Talk Bitcoin

  1. There is not enough BTC for the worlds population – that’s where other crypto currency comes in handy, being able to atomic swap between them well solve alot of issue.

    • MetalGearMk3 Yes there is enough bitcoin to serve as a global currency, you’re making a common economic fallacy claiming otherwise.

    • There is no such thing as an optimal number of units for a currency to have, it need only have “a lot” and millions of extremely divisible bitcoin is plenty.

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