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WCN @ MisesU ~ Joined by Dr. Walter Block and Dr. Bob Murphy and Ricardo!

The Mises University is the most pristine event in Austrian Economics, the study of the economy of a free society. Max is attending the classes and will interview the professors & attendees about economics, Bitcoin & freedom.

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12 Comments on WCN @ MisesU ~ Joined by Dr. Walter Block and Dr. Bob Murphy and Ricardo!

  1. I disagree with the professor because Bitcoin does have adoption it’s not a huge adoption but you can buy food you can go to restaurants you can live in hotels you can buy clothes you can buy servers I think Bitcoin is already money

    • in regards to the electricity question well if there is no electricity on the whole planet which is required to stop Bitcoin then yes Bitcoin stops you can restore it as soon as you have electricity but while you don’t have it it’s not working that’s a problem but imagine what will be going on in the world if there is no electricity for a prolonged period of time no electricity at all anywhere that is ridiculous in my opinion and inconceivable

  2. I completely agree with you using Fiat money is morally wrong because whenever you buy something with it unless you’re buying it not from a store but from somebody on the street you aren’t going to be paying taxes whether you like it or not so yes it is morally wrong I must say I am Immortal for this it is true I just don’t have enough money to live off of Bitcoin I lost a lot of it

  3. And also note that you can not confiscate Bitcoin if you are smart about it if you don’t have it on your smartphone

  4. I like talking as well! And I am a generalist engineer, which gives me some context in logic and contracts but in no means, I’m anything resembling a programmer. Made a career in construction before going full berserk on Bitcoin. Love the enthusiasm and intelligence of the absolutely genuine people in the scene. I want to see it expand. So yeah, can’t shut me up about Bitcoin, freedom, and anarchy either. Max is one of the best people I have EVER had the pleasure of working with.

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