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Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-22) – Random Number Generators – Bitcoin $11,000 – 100 Year Bubble?

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16 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-22) – Random Number Generators – Bitcoin $11,000 – 100 Year Bubble?

  1. The CRIMINALS are moving into crypto Big Time via CME and CBOE . Replicating their screw-job of the gold/silver markets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Quite refreshing to find a YouTube channel with actual technical experts in the crypto space. Any other recommendations for good channels to follow?

  3. The cryptos fell on the 17th because of the shorts expiration in the futures exchange. The next shorts expire on the 26th. it should go down until then. after then it should go up so they can short it again next month. Then rinse and repeat just like they did in the gold and silver markets for years. It always get slammed down before expiries. I predicted they would do it with bitcoin and they did.

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