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Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-14) – Bitcoin $4250 – Where is the top? – Blockstream Satellites?

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4248.86 Bitstamp BTC/USD – BitcoinWisdom

$4,205.11USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum price: Bitcoin breaks $4,000 – Business Insider

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here's when we'll know bitcoin's top is in – Business Insider

Bitcoin Satellites? Blockstream Hints at “Coming” First Release

Bitcoin: Coinbase Becomes First Cryptocurrency 'Unicorn' |

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12 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-14) – Bitcoin $4250 – Where is the top? – Blockstream Satellites?

  1. Hmm Bitcoin satellites sounds good, but the technicals are a bit iffy. Most satellite networks require a dish at each ground station to talk to the satellite, which creates a decent barrier to entry/access the network. My bet is that Blockstream will be partnering with an existing satellite company (Iridium, SES etc.) to provide some service using their sats

  2. Should we still buy btc now that I will still rise? Any sell at 5000? Wonder what you guys think. Love the show btw keep it up

    • The point of all this is, yes, buy bitcoin. Hold it. It is UNSTOPPABLE at this point. It is a 10x improvement on gold. Can Bitcoin get 5% of the market of gold? If you think so, then you believe in a $25,000 Bitcoin. Think it can do better than 5%? Hold on to your pants, we’re looking at 6 digit+ Bitcoin values. It will have ups and downs like any asset or commodity, but it’s growth is unstoppable.

  3. I’d guess there are lots of newbies coming here trying to understand just the basics of Bitcoin. Maybe you could add a link to a reputable website or video that explains the basics.

  4. What happened to “Saving Chris Ellis?” Must’ve had a big payday with the bitcoin that was donated to him

  5. Tone at his best as always…. miss Jimmy Song and Richard Heart.

    Moas is putting is money where his mouth is… He is breaking his own rules and buying both Ether and Bitcoin.

  6. @ Tone Vays. Your 4 to 5 weeks of upside implies some sort of price range right? With the lowest part of that range at $4200? And the upper part of that range at______?

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