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39 Comments on This Currency is on the Edge of a Cliff

  1. i have been waiting for this for a loooong time 😊😊😊 i want to buy pounds low.. And sell high in a few years…

    • The value of debt based currencies always go down the toilet over a long period of time. I do not think there will be long before all central banks go on a massive buying spree again.

    • Well fiat currency is probably the worst medium/long term investment you could possibly make as we see the transition to crypto+crypto fiat coming soon. Buy something the banks can’t bail in… physical in your possession and or your private key

  2. Interesting. I’m traveling to Manchester in october, soon might be a good time to change some € for GBP to spend over there 🙂

  3. Here’s hoping for a WTO No Deal Brexit.
    The UK should have left with a No Deal on 29th March 2019. The government is a disgrace.

    • +Dylan George dude, you are completely brainwashed by ideology that has no value at all. It’s called extreme right or neo-nazi. You are talking about free and democratic union as a communist “federation”. But you have absolutely no idea what communism is. I know what it is cause I lived in it. I am from eastern europe and i can guarantee you you ABSOLUTELY don’t know what the word totalitarian mean because you have never lived in it. But if people like you will be voted and listened, there will be totalitarian Britain I am sure. Well your “beautiful” historical theory about British nation is everything but complete nonsense but you can print it and call it “mein kampf” as it has no connection to history. Educate yourself please, for example from simple and good quality British journalism like here: .Britain is and always was an EMPIRE, no a national state. So please do not tell other people here about fictional British identity . Great Britain is so fucked up as a pseudo nation state, it cannot even represent itself in football. British nation has no connection to reality. “Your people” are not your people, it just exists in your dangerous head. Hope Great Britain will heal itself in next election and destroy extreme tendences you are part of it. Visiting your therapist will be maybe helpful to you cause all extreme nationalist are compensating something missing by their radical behaviour. Heil!

    • +Drahoslav Páluš
      yet again, the bigotry flows thick n fast.
      You accuse me of knowledge gaps, where I’ve not even defined it for you to be criticised.
      You quote the guardian, a nice mainstream source there, surely no propaganda at all 🤦‍♂️.
      You seem to think I’ve denied UK has or has had an empire, where I’ve said no such think… again your on your own bigoted tirade.
      Attacking football (presumably soccer), something I’ve no interest in, effeminate supposed men prancing and falling like girls. Pick a proper sport like Rugby, boxing, UFC, ect.
      And again your attempted attempt at making out that the 3rd Reich is on its way. Your a joke. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, there’s plenty out there like you.
      And the biggest joke of all, you come up with the idea of brainwashing, oh dear, you really need to look in a mirror and re-evaluate. You might even hear yourself. Some advice (even though it’s clear you’re beyond the pale), stop believing everything the TV or any other media tells you, even objective topics can be propgandised.

      So, I’m not interested in any more pre-constructed attempts at assassination simply as your aguements are week.
      I just hope in your lifetime you don’t emigrate to a country and completely disrespect the people of the host country.
      So I bare you fare well, and stronger than ever, PEACE ✌

    • +Dylan George I am so glad that you do not represents British people at all. I really like nice people of Britain but definitely not lost fake news, uneducated, nationalistic individuals like you. You are part of the army across the whole world. You have no idea how you are manipulated by russian troll bots, which are saying to you everything is different, do not believe to media, there is hidden power everywhere. If you would not be so lazy, you could study how propaganda works, because this is propaganda. I know it, I know russian, and they brainwashed you and many many other people. Try to start with something called hybrid war. Maybe you will be VERY surprised, how you could be so stupid to believe in all that info-war bullshits. Peace!

    • +Drahoslav Páluš
      Oh geeze.
      We’re on Russian bots now 🙈.

      I’m in converting to be NPC 4215 soon enough 🤖. Point proved.

    • ​+Dylan George You haven’t even red wikipedia about hybrid warfare? Or wikipedia is manipulated by Soros and greedy Jewish bankers as well? 😀 😀 Russians are dangerous, but very smart. They do have even name for brainwashed individuals (like you) who read that automated content and spread it across their own countries. It’s called useful idiot. Congratulations for owning membership!

  4. I voted BREXIT we’ve had 2 dates we could of left with a no deal , it’s not going to happen, wouldn’t be surprised if BREXIT doesn’t happen. 15/04/2019.

    • You’re right. No deal will NOT be allowed to happen. What the people want is neither here nor there, the process is in the control of a Parliament that is 80% remain and which is also heavily influenced by banking and business lobby groups. The UK is being steered away from No deal, whether the people like it or not.
      Here’s an example, the deal on offer is not popular with those who wished to leave the EU because it keeps the UK tied to the EU in many ways, some refer to it as BINO (Brexit in name only). Here’s the kicker. What the mostly remain supporting parliament are going to do is this: They are either going to ratify the deal on offer (failed to do so 3 times already), ratify the deal on offer with some changes to the political declaration part of the deal (the deal on offer cannot be changed), or they are going to revoke A50. There is no way left for the UK to now leave with No deal, either by design or “accidentally”. The UK parliament has ruled this out and implemented measures that have effectively put and end to this possibility. There is a possibility that any deal agreed is then put to the public again in a second vote, but even this cannot lead to No deal because the proposed vote includes only the options to ratify the deal on the table or to remain in the EU!
      So what we have here is NOT a currency that is about to fall off a cliff. Far from it. What we have here is an opportunity. In the event of a deal being agreed then the £ is likely to rise to somewhere in the region of $1.35 – $1.40. In the event of the UK actually remaining in the EU then you are looking at a £ trading somewhere in the region of $1.43 – $1.48. In the medium term, there is NO downside to buying the £ vs $, not as a result of Brexit anyway.
      There are numerous ways to profit from this. A leveraged buy of the £ on something like IG, or a buy of the spreads etc. Another important consideration for UK crypto holders is that the rise of the £ is going to hurt their crypto, which is all priced in $. In the near future all UK residents crypto holdings are going to be worth LESS £. A creative strategy will need to be implemented in order to manage this situation. A stable coin pegged to the £ rather than the dollar would be the ideal ‘get out’ here, but I am unaware of such a coin.

  5. my friend
    i am greek
    let me tell you this
    this is exactly what happend here
    they try to make the ppl belive that they fight very hard for their best , and that the ( FIXXED ) outcome is for their best and it is the ppls choice
    the force this and they make ppl belive it is for their own good , when it only serves them and their money

  6. I think they will drag on Brexit forever. The vote was just to test public opinion but it is not legally binding. I have suspisions the date will be pushed back a few times then some other event will take the spotlight and it will be forgotten or another vote will have different results.

  7. B-word has an extension approved until October. Italy, France, Greece and more EU countires are on the edge too. That is when Bitcoin is poised for a final take off. Time power projection here I come. Lol.

  8. Brexit mess is awful just mixer for Uncertainty. Just leave and get it over with so that investors can have a little certainty. EU is laughing

  9. Brexit won’t happen now . The extension to October changes nothing . It’s just delaying the revocation of article 50 .

  10. I’ve sold my tv 6yrs ago. So much free time and head space , less stress . Life got better after zombie box left my house 🏡 👍.
    I was expecting pound to drop anyways because of wage rise . Would be nice short opportunity 😂

  11. Yep! Good video Alessio! Insecurity with the value of Sterling is another good reason to hold Bitcoin, Łitecoin and other crypto!

  12. This vedio in informative but what can we do about it..did you target this vedio towards currency traders..?

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