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24 Comments on This Bitcoin Contrary Signal Just Skyrocketed

  1. we love u mate, short is good short is time saving. Thx for great job you do for all of us.

    • +Alessio Rastani thanks for the video… Please check that Bitfinex Shorts are not in really Shorts, they are something like Claiming not entering the Order book like @sunny decree told today, thats very important to analise Shorts vs Longs… Thanks once more 🙂

  2. People are selling and taking their gains ~ day traders and swing traders most likely.

  3. So..according to your fancy indicators, are they still showing bearish like in your previous video ?

  4. this is random correlation with a very high mean error and std.
    dont put too much weight into it, i tested it and it doesnt work

  5. Technical is only technical. The bitcoin now is so much different than 2017. And you know better Alessio. You still need think about the fact between now and back in 2017. There’s just so much different now and back then

  6. Dont know who told you to keep it short, the longer your videos the more education on trading you provide us, please make the videos as long as you want them to be!

  7. @Alessio Rastani – This was just one guy claiming his 10,560 Bitcoin Short… It’s not bullish at all.

  8. eth has reclaimed most of the wick now, could change, well worth keeping an eye on the close

  9. Perfect length; learned something new. Thanks! Will keep an eye on the Longs/Shorts ratio crossing staying above 50% as a possible indicator of BULL trend.

  10. You absolutely dont need to get your videos shorter!!! i enjoy every second and like your long videos!

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