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35 Comments on The Most Scary Chart Right Now in Finance

  1. Brilliant insight. People will come back and thank you for saving them. Your vids help people prepare for things that the msm won’t report. God send Alessio 👍

    • +733Rafael, typically no mine exclusively mines silver. Silver mining does not occur at deep depths as other resources, and is a secondary extraction beside another major deposit. As for precious metals mining stocks, for example, gold mining stocks crashed 90% in the 1987 stock crash. Invest with caution.

    • Well MANY oil companies are looking at BTC to dispose of their gas waste since 3 plants have successfully made $ from BTC farming on the side of oil production!🤷🤔
      This would definitely hold decentralization of the network for a LONG TIME! Goodbye bitmains 42% 😁😬

    • +Timmy Schnitzel
      i meant bitcoin, not gold. i think gold will go to industrial only application and its store of value will be absorbed by bitcoin. i have 0 faith in gold no to mention gold mining stocks.

    • +Ron Burgandy
      mining decentralisation or even hashpower is not that relevant for bitcoin security/decentralisation. anyone can run full bitcoin node and strenghten network. anyone can mine their own transaction if all miners refuse to process it.

  2. Don’t forget stock market Is forward looking indicator of the economy (usually 6 months ahead) meaning stock could start giving ground way before recession is “official” in the books

  3. It is my view that recession will emerge from China first and spread to the USA which will impact Europe. Trade war he says! thanks for uploading

  4. @Allessio Rastani notice this on the chart; slower the yield curve downtrend, closer is the recession start. Recession is less than 10 months away, this is my gamble.

  5. I think the financial crisis starts between / around March 2020 – September 2020, but the signs of the slowdown, et cetera are already here.

  6. I think it’s earlier than that. 2020 I would think. Just because of the length of time to get there.

    From my understanding, the shorter time between the negative yield cross the longer it takes to kick in 🤷
    But I’m a rookie

  7. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on BTC in a global crisis… It’s what it was built for? Will it become that safe haven 🤷🤷

    • The dollar will enter a higher inflation zone. 2% inflation every year was suppressed. The debt has been rising 9-11% every year. Inflation will kill people the next decade.

  8. I never recovered from 2008 so the next one might create opportunity for me as I have nothing left to lose and everything to gain.
    Time to start thinking outside the box.

  9. great as always, I have actually started accumulating cash from January , even stopped my pension fund plan to save cash. Preparing for that moment! BTW, it’s an exciting period, crypto has not been in recession, would be interesting to see how different markets react!

  10. But the stock markets always start falling before the recession is declared officially, the stock market also finds its bottom way before the recession ends

  11. Hi Alessio brilliant Video thank you for that insight. Any way you can do an analysis on the ZAR (South African Rand)

  12. what are the implications on crypto when we have another recession? this will be the first one for crypto so there is no precedent for this so i guess you will be just speculating? I hope that it will be positive for Crypto in general.

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