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57 Comments on The Countdown to War Has Started… Here’s Why

  1. Well… the “good people of Israel” have recently reelected that ahole. And the runner-up was also a warmongering ahole. So… I don’t know who those “good people of Israel” are, but they are sure not getting involved in elections.

    • I guess you missed my point. The 5 countries were in agreement with Iran that it should stop the nuclear program which Iran agreed too. But Iisrael has undermined it by pushing trump to get out of it because they want to push the US into a war with Iran.

      At this point the whole world knows what is going on and the US is being looked at as a instigator. So the video you posted showing Iran resuming its nuclear program and I don’t blame them.

      Like I said Israel has 400 of them. Once they get inspected then the world can look at Iran’s.

    • +Raymond Dunne go easy on the MSM please mate – you are sounding a little brainwashed with that comment.

    • +farsh cage This is a way bigger problem that you are not seeing. Saudis have said they will start a nuclear arms race if Iran gets nukes. Like I said UN sanctions have been around for along time for a reason and it’s a deeper problem than Israel.

    • +ClickNSpam Funny thing is Israel is in bed with the Saudis and you know full well one day they will turn on Israel. Can trust them

    • +Alessio Rastani please watch the documentary named living Eagle 1, Living Eagle 2, Living Eagle 3 …. You will find A Bangladeshi Origin Air Force Pilot named Saiful Azam (my country man 🇧🇩 )who hold 2 World Record for 1956 Arab Isreal War and later India pakistan war held in 1965. If he was a British origin he would definitely get “Knight” for his outstanding achievement.

    • +Alessio Rastani by the by I am truly against any kind of war and love to act as a Human Rights Activist … long Live Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  2. Thank you for this. I’m in the eastern UAE, so this is pertinent to me too. Let’s hope these war mongers fail.

    • He’s absolutely a whimp when it comes to this topic, basically kissing the feet of the real enemy and dancing around the true issue by blaming Saudi Arabia. Sounds like the Israeli shill Alex Jones

  3. I could never ever bring my self to buy LOCKEED MARTIN


  4. Have there been any chemical weapons in iraq? They do not need anything to start a war but FAKE NEWS!

  5. Exactly the same as how Franklin Roosevelt “lured, provoked, and cornered” Japan into attacking Perl Harbour in 1941.

  6. No war please..those who celebrate war..never participate in war and those who participate in war..never celebrate war..all civilians and even military personnels are innocent people..nobody wants war..this the politicians must understand

  7. Go for it Alessio! Do not envisage the Iranian navy leaving port so they will be sunk dockside. So if you own a cafe dockside….Sell in May and Go Away!

  8. When a certain group of ppl control the MSM/Banks/Corporations & politicians….they can control the sheeple….& do what they like…they’ve been using the same tactics for hundreds of years….

    • Put your laptop down, Simon. And your cell phone too. All the tech is a product of what you fear. Fool.

    • +Eli Solomon you filthy rat, Jews haven’t contributed a damn thing to the technological advancements of the world. You people have stolen all the high technology you produce in israhell. You satanic rats also produce the most Tranny-medicine for the world,all the hormones for tranny’s come from Israel.

    • They have a lot from black markets before bitcoin raised to puplic, the beggest buyer for Iran heavy water used in pharmaceutical industry is USA
      It’s a game
      We pressure 1st part to get what we need from the 2nd part cheaper then flipping the pressure to the 2nd part we get what we want from the 1st part, game gose on and on

  9. Alessio, alot of respect to you for speaking the truth only intelligent people understand what evil games are played in the world.

    • +Alessio Rastani you are a coward just like Alex Jones. Every one calls out the saudis. They are a proxy for Israel. Do Saudis control the central banks? Are most neocons Saudi or Ashkenazi? Do Saudis control the media companies?

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