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The Bitcoin News Show #63 – Decentralized Exchanges

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The Bitcoin News Show for the week of Dec 11th with your host @theonevortex and panelists: @GabrielDVine @carterthomas with special guests @altcoin_io and @bisq_network!

We'll be discussing decentralized exchanges.



32 Comments on The Bitcoin News Show #63 – Decentralized Exchanges

  1. 2:11 CME Launch – Andrew Gazdecki
    3:48 CME Launch – Carter Thomas
    5:19 CME Launch – Chris Beams
    6:30 CME Launch – Gabriel D Vine
    14:32 Bisq demo – Chris
    21:18 info – Andrew
    30:39 info/centralized info – Chris
    36:35 Thoughts on decentralized exchange products – Carter
    40:54 Thoughts on decentralized exchange products – Andrew
    43:00 Thoughts on decentralized exchange products Rant! – Gabriel
    52:44 Thoughts on the products and topics – Carter
    55:05 Contact info

  2. I can’t wait for ! An amazing project to keep you always in control of your money. And on the Tor network! Which means it will directly run Tor wallets such as Spectrecoin (XSPEC).

  3. Cant wait for the team to get its recognition.
    It will also make the most anonymous gateway possible when it gets to list Spectrecoin that is finally receiving people’s recognition it deserves

    • ‘zactly. This is not a game. We are in the fight for our lives and the future of our offspring. Spare no feelings. Get to the TRUTH.

    • The point I was hoping to make was simply that when a popular centralized exchange have issues, traders are quick to move to a new exchange (and for good reason), and over time these issues will continue to worsen (downtime, hacks, etc.) which will help bring decentralized exchanges into the mainstream. Basically, the centralized exchange model is coming to an end soon and 2018 will be a big year for DEXs.

    • I’m with you. I was referring to Gabriel’s hammer-dropping reaction to Carter, btw. Carter hasn’t yet embraced all of the honey badger.

  4. Why would you put a scammer like Carter thomas on the WCN? Why dont you ask him how he tried to scam all his followers into signing up for Palm beach Confidential? Lost alot of respect for WCN today.

    • Have to agree. WCN is the A Team. I don’t have a problem with Carter, but he’s not on the A Team. He’s a sloppy trader who makes unnecessary. He’s forgets one of the biggest Wall Street rules:
      “Sometimes no move is your best move”

    • I’ll take back what I said about Carter, I like how he disagreed with everyone and he was actually correct.

  5. guys, im a big fan, but cmon, you have an entire video dedicated to Decentralised Exchanges and there is not one mention of KOMODO ??? they have done nearly 20,0000 Atomic swaps with 100s of coins integrated already, testing in BETA now! really weak video, and ill-informed.

  6. Thank you Gabriel D vine for interrupting Andrew around 55 minutes. I couldn’t take much more. Dude was a complete kill joy. I didn’t think you could turn an interesting and fun topic into what feels like war craft grinding.

  7. Bisq and you have new customer!!!!! Amazing!!! and i want to give 10000000 like to this podcast!!! Great job guys!!

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