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The Bitcoin Group #176 – Blockchain Madness – Bitcoin Slumps – Energy Issues – China Rates

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Andy Hoffman ( )
Gabriel D Vine ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Alibaba's Jack Ma Joins the Bitcoin Bashing Brigade but Backs Blockchain

Bitcoin slumps to one-month low, trades under $8,000 – MarketWatch

New study quantifies bitcoin’s ludicrous energy consumption | Ars Technica

China now rates bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies and their blockchain tech — Quartz

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17 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #176 – Blockchain Madness – Bitcoin Slumps – Energy Issues – China Rates

  1. BTW Thomas I love the “exit questions” those are fun, and your “correct answers” are comical . Keep those going. 🙂

  2. I predict the word blockchain will be hijacked by these companies and in 10 years time there will be thousands of inefficient private blockchains which will be regarded as the norm. Despite the fact a blockchain is not a blockchain if it’s not decentralised.

  3. How could so many smart people dump so much money on useless technology You say? I give you General Motors between 1980 and 1990 which spent some $80 billion on restructuring their corporate culture and infrastructure to compete more effectively against the Japanese. By 1990 Japanese import Marketshare had nearly tripled over the 1980 level. What makes this waste of resources so egregious is that in 1985 GM could have bought both Honda and Toyota for a combined total of $50 billion.

  4. I love the Bitcoin Group! Seems like you haven’t been airing the show too frequently. I hope that’s starting to change.

  5. Brain wallets will be useless when we are all telepaths. But if you can 100% fill your mind with a horrible advertising jingle, you might do OK.*

    *Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

  6. Stem the Btc tide alittle bit ( It is) Hopefully for their sake they’re buying Btc in the back round (They are). Lol this guy is spot on!

  7. Spot on, banks or any other institutions speaking about blockchains are talking nonsense. Anyone that understands it has laughed at this notion for awhile.

  8. These cocksuckers fucked up when they didnt make cryptography Illegal in the 1990’s.
    Now they are closing the barndoor after the horses ran out. Lol Too funny.

  9. The China surveillance horror story is exactly like the Black Mirror episode ‘Nosedive’. I almost gave up on Black Mirror after the first, stupid, episode, but most of the rest is really thought provoking. A must for fans of Bitcoin beyond the price.

  10. Yes Gabriel thank you. Your statement that there could be legit blockchains other than bitcoin someday is spot-on. Bitcoin is the best now but it has flaws and can be improved upon I would love to debate any Bitcoin maximalist who disagrees.

  11. Look into deep brain chain. They are making mining rigs for AI computational power to lowercosts of AI tasks. Combining blockchain and AI. Its gonna be big.

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