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The Bitcoin Group #109 – Mr. Robot Bitcoin, Ripple $55M, Respect Satoshi, Circle iMessage

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Tone Vays ( )
Ian DeMartino ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( ).


‘Mr. Robot’ Drags Bitcoin Into Its Dystopian Nightmare

Bitcoin company Ripple gets $55 million in funding

Non-Bitcoin Blockchains ‘Disrespectful to Satoshi,’ Says Sztorc

Circle Brings Blockchain Payments to iMessage With iOS 10 Update

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8 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #109 – Mr. Robot Bitcoin, Ripple $55M, Respect Satoshi, Circle iMessage

  1. Tone awesome work on your FED / private banks rant.
    In terms of ripple , well that’s just it …their sole purpose is to raise
    funds for tech that already exists. The only difference is they have a

  2. Ian , the on ramping of BITCOIN may be a challenge ( because of regulatory
    problems as Tone stated ) because that’s the way it seems to be in the USA
    ( apparently ). C’mon over to Canada and you will see the on ramp is quite

  3. Sam Esmail is using the cache of bitcoin in Mr Robot to sell the banning of
    cash in favor of Ecoin (aka “Fedcoin,” or, just the same money you have now
    without cash). Just the mention of Ecoin in the same sentence as bitcoin
    benefits Ecoin/Fedcoin. He also ballsed it up saying that bitcoin was a
    threat because “…it’s reaching its transaction limit…” referencing the
    blocksize issue. Huh? It came off to me as rather pathetic, especially in
    the quivering voice of that actor doing his best to sound like Katharine
    Hepburn, lol.

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