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The Bitcoin Group #102 – Ether Hard Fork, Bitcoin Patents, Bankers Bitcoin, Steem vs. Ether & More!

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Tone Vays ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
Gabriel D Vine ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( ).


Rejecting Today’s Hard Fork, the Ethereum Classic Project Continues

Blockstream Announces Defensive Patent Strategy

Coinbase Files 9 Patents for Bitcoin Products

8 Companies That Have Filed Crypto Patents

Bitcoin’s ‘Nervous System’ Gets an Upgrade With FIBRE Network

The Central Bankers’ Bold New Idea: Print Bitcoins

Steem Chasing Ether in Market Cap

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Operator Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Coinbase Helps FBI Shut Down KickAssTorrents

The Coinbase Implosion Timer

and Predictions!

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44 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #102 – Ether Hard Fork, Bitcoin Patents, Bankers Bitcoin, Steem vs. Ether & More!

  1. seriously? you guys are against copyrights? what a nonsense!

    yes, there’s abuse due to the government involvement, but when an author
    writes a book and you copy that book to sell it, you’re nothing but a
    fucking thief!

    it’s not just about an idea, it’s about the intellectual labor

  2. Hi guys, what about Basel III in regards to regulation and will it in time
    influence cryptocurrencies in any way?

    • I have not looked at the details of Basel III but I can say with 99%
      certainty the following:
      It will have 0 affect on Bitcoin other then making it more popular and
      useful if the regulation on traditional money movement around the world are
      increasing. I have no idea nor care how it will affect other coins/tokens.

  3. Thomas, you’re a fucking fascist!

    in a free market scams don’t survive!

    you uneducated fool

  4. This use to be good but now all i here is bitcoin fan boy. I dont own any
    coin i was planning to buy bitcoin but because of you people i stay away
    from crypto.

    • Why you watching this … ???
      Until now this show and Bitcoin uncensored have been the most accurate yet
      . go on with your ether and stop wasting space in the comments section

    • “Imagine an Ethereum project without all the bankers, consultants and slick
      PR. “ Anyone
      interested in Ethereum Classic check out:
      “We believe in a strong separation of concerns, where system forks are
      only possible in order to correct actual platform bugs, not to bail out
      failed contracts and special interests. “

    • The Bitcoin community is only hatted by the Government & Banking industry
      who we are disruption (hmmm i wonder why the banks are way more open minded
      towards Ether)… & we are also hatted by Altcoiners pitching their scams
      of the month (ex: TheDAO from Mid-May to Mid-June, Steem from Mid-June to
      Mid-July, and now Ether Classic from Mid-July into August, can’t wait to
      see what’s on deck)…. the reason I’m pushing people into Ether Classic
      ($ETHC or $ETC) is because it’s only 98.6% scammy vs Ether ($ETC), which is
      101.4% scammy and I know that it will only be Ether ($ETH) holders that
      will be buying up Ether Classic. Once the two chains are equally ‘secured’
      with hashing power and there is a stable exchange rate between the useless
      Gas that is immutable vs the useless Gas that is mutable on whim based on
      your connections to Vitalik, the two coins will average out to 100%

      PS: no offense “Arvicco” you seem like a cool guy who understands what a
      Blocckhain is… so does Big Lambda as I just heard his interview on BU
      today…. they seem genuine and humble (i’m definitely not humble when
      talking about ether though hahaha)

  5. How come thomas hunt face always smile? And tone vays look like he always
    mad? And goodman looking cool and calm.

    • hahaha, yeah I guess i did, Arvicco just made it to my top 10 favorite
      people in crypto (if we count the entire Blockstream office as one giant
      smart person)… if I actually had a list I would tell you who he bumped

  6. The banks are forgetting that once they go digital it’s game over when they
    eventually get hacked it’s gonna be like watching a Zeppelin go down.

    • Them getting hacked should not matter, Vitalik Buterin has provided them
      the blueprint and test case on how to deal with it 🙂

  7. The way CS:GO gambling worked is via connecting steam accounts to
    third-party websites. Steam cutting the API from those third-party
    websites kills them without recourse. In this case Steam cut them
    off because the gambling websites were letting anyone over 13+ to join.
    Then the guys that owned these websites resulted to be big youtubers and
    twitch streamers promoting those websites without disclosing that they
    owned the websites.

    • Yea, people will look for alternatives there are several places to bet on
      CS:GO with bitcoin, nitrogen, bookmaker and more.

    • Yeah, you can bet on matches. But this specific CS:GO gambling was about
      the skins. you did the betting with CS:GO skins. So Steam pulling support
      for this, kills those gambling sites full stop. Regular betting not
      affected obviously as they don’t depend on steam.

    • Thanks for clearing up the exact tech. I am thinking that some people will
      look for other ways to bet on matches, lets see what happens.

  8. Steem is a scam coin because they have created a new coin.
    They could have done the same thing using bitcoin but that wouldnt have
    made them any money !! Whitepaper is simply pathetic

  9. No its not working. you just make yourself look worse and worse. And I know
    your gonna reply to me (to get the last word in), and that way you look
    even worse then the last comment. And all this negative anger and rage just
    becouse the guys don’t belive in copyright. Get a hobby and get off the

  10. it’s too bad you guys ruined an otherwise decent show with such
    embarrassingly shallow, uninformed, infantile analysis of steem, especially
    the vitriolic diatribe coming from the drunk camping guy. how pathetic and

  11. I really liked all your perspectives. I know it’s not that easy to do, but
    just FYI, I watched this at 2x or 1.5x speed. Enjoyed it though. Thanks.

  12. Didn’t Bitcoin hard fork in year 2 because of some discovered hack that
    would’ve enabled the creation of billions more bitcoins? Hasn’t Bitcoin
    hard forked more than once? I’m pretty new in the crypto world. Not trying
    to be a dickhead. I’m just trying to get the true perspective. I love your

    • Those were very different situations. All those cases had issues with bugs
      in the code of bitcoin (not some layer on top or a company) & at no point
      there was a debate over ideology. Also there was never even a discussion
      about reversing transactions. Basically in those cases the ecosystem was
      instantly able to reach 100% consensus as to which chain is valid. For more
      info on why Ethereum just split into two equally valid chains from just a
      hand full of people with a different ideology please watch this 1yr old
      video where i explain this occurring. (that part starts around 56 min mark)

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