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31 Comments on The Bitcoin Chart NOBODY is Seeing Right Now

  1. Hey guys thanks for your comments. Just to let you know (as I know there will be questions about this) – the LT Delta Vortex indicator has not yet been released. We are looking to hopefully release it this year (we should be able to have it for MT4, Tradingview, Esignal, and some of the others too). By the way, the MT4 chart I mentioned is unfortunately not available for US and Canada residents (due to laws in US and Canada). Sorry about that. thanks!

    • Doug O right. only very direct indicators maybe have some intrinsic value, at best. ta is all psychology. if no one knows, no one knows, and it has no influence.

  2. Thanks for the video. You believe it will drop once more to its previous lows based on Elliott wave theory, right? Cheers

  3. Hi Alessio.I have a question. why do not you show us LT Delta Vortex on the whole bull market Let’s see how it looks.Thenx

  4. If BTC goes higher I’m looking to short the Weekly 50 MA, which is currently around 5600 USD to 5700 USD.

  5. Managed to buy GRAM tokens on just a very short while ago the final ICO round will come to the end!

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