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28 Comments on Tesla COLLAPSES to First Target… What Happens Now?

  1. Let’s reach 200k followers until the end of this current year!
    Will be a great milestone to reach Alessio!

    • Agreed Darren – I know what you mean. many thanks for sharing the vids. appreciate it

    • Being up on a position at nearly 5 year lows, when there is so much more upside..who is in denial lol

  2. I love Tesla but it is going to zero. Been trying to tell the financial edu. guy for ages now and he kept telling it’s a good buy.

  3. I rely on Twitter notifications to not miss a new video. Works great every time unless Alessio forgets to send a tweet….

  4. Thank you for the great video it was very insightful. Looking forward to the next two and i will definitely not miss it 🙂

  5. Bell icon is engagement information used for YouTube and also for the user ( alessio ) and can also used how fast and which videos are more clicked. So its very usefull to know which kind of content works really well. And what not.

  6. Terrible non fam payrolls today’s will push market lower and gold up to 1360+ as mentioned previously

  7. I test-drove a Tesla in January. They are amazing and practical at the same time. Don’t underestimate the car or the technology, even if the stock is overpriced.

  8. Thanks. Can you make a video about China economy? which i feel is really difficult due to lack of data and govt controls.

    • Interesting question. I will see if we can do that with my good friend Zak. He is more tuned to China than I am. thank you

  9. Yes my gentleman, thank you for you time. Happy to watch your ads as well but please dont put any more.

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