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Spreading Bitcoin Awareness in Las Vegas #2 (August 2018)

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15 Comments on Spreading Bitcoin Awareness in Las Vegas #2 (August 2018)

  1. Hey Thomas – me and 3 other btc guys will be in vegas the week after Labor day. Is there a meet up? I will check back here later. Packing!

    • Exactly @Vention1MGTOW! Those females that win the genetic lottery, so to speak, @ birth ultimately don’t have to worry about money or critical thinking skills for that matter.
      If you wish, you can expound upon this comment in your reply (if you indeed reply) as it’s right up your alley. I just lobbed you a softball to cork outta the park my friend!

  2. MadBitcoins cavorting amongst scantily clad women in Vegas makes this vid…GOLDEN! That’s right kidz…GOLDEN…just like the Vegas Golden Knights.

    #VGK coming to invade an NHL city/team near you!!!

  3. I am so glad that you are committed to BTC…

    History and other disciplines are invaluable when it comes to make sense of our existence and raison d’être. Today I learnt quite something new and very important: The powerful are based in the Roman Law. They desperately need three things: private property, state property and clergy property. What they avoid like the plague in order to exterminate it and for which they invest huge amounts of energy and time is communal property. They also need people fully committed to their system as the workforce and slavery.

    Thomas, your work is not dictated by those who direct the system. You work on what you want to work, anyone can see it in this video or listen to your about two hour show. I do appreciate the way you spend your work and time sharing, which is part of the communal.

    Now I am going for long bicycle ride along hidden parts of London, making sure I do invest in my health and enjoy the outdoors. I take with me some delicious homemade sandwiches, which are cheaper and far healthier. I will take some pictures and maybe some day I will share them with you and your audience.

    Thank you once again.

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