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48 Comments on Should I Buy Bitcoin Now… or Wait?

  1. Daylight savings hit and Alessio came in clutch with another dopamine hit! Thank you brother 🙌

    • Have a life mate… If your watching all these videos to get your dopamine fix then you could as well take cocaine as a matter of fact as its no different in the brain!

    • ++SWIFT ACADEMY Something is wrong if your coke gives you the same effect as a YouTube video; hopefully you kept your receipt to get your money back.. lol

  2. any day is a good day to buy, dollar cost averaging also a good strategy

  3. Don’t you think there is a big issue with bitcoin? The fact that other people can see your BTC balance after you sent them BTC, is quite scary?

    • ++El Risitas I don’t understand, why you lyao.. Don’t forget there’s a difference between pro user and average user.
      So to reply to the answers to the question, sure today most people have multiple wallets, buy with it pertaining to mass adoption, majority of people will have only 1 wallet..

    • Just send it from an exchange. They’ll really not have your real address then. Better yet to send BTC transfer from your real wallet to an exchange wallet, then send to them from your exchange account.

    • Every time you click “receive” in your bitcoin wallet, your wallet generates a new bitcoin address to deposit the funds to every single time, no address is ever reused. When spending funds, the recipient can only see the balance of that one (or more) bitcoin addresses that makes up the total you want to spend.

      You received, $5, $30, $50 and $300 amounts on 4 separate occasions (worth of bitcoin in dollar value). You choose to spend $20 to your friend. Your friend generates a new address that has no bitcoins on it, (but you don’t know the balance of his other addresses). Your wallet is most likely only going to spend from the address that contains $30. $20 to your friend and $10 back to you as change (to another new address). Your friend can only see the $30 as proof that you had funds. Now you have $5, $10, $50 and $300.

      Try using a bitcoin wallet, and you will see new addresses generated each time, then lookup the addresses online, you will notice for maximum privacy, only 1 bitcoin address should be used once to receive and once to send.

    • If you use CoinJar, they let you create a different wallet address every time you wish to provide somebody with it.

    • thats not an issue..thats great, its called transparency…and we should need that to keep an eye on governments… ifwe evolve to a digital blockchain society..we the citizens need to know where the fck our taxes are going..and who is getting payed what and why…

    • me too 🙂 i used to be a scalper.. then i switched to swing trading.. then i went to : buy and hold longterm .. guess what worked best? .. buy and hold .. also no money loosing in tradingfees on daily basis it’s a lot of money if you daytrade

    • Yep I’m in there too, now is the time to buy for ME, I don’t care if it goes still below the $3000 level (which I honestly do not believe personally but hey I’m not the pro here). If it does drop below, it would be supercheap & i’ll just buy some more 🙂

  4. I hope you are right allessio about bitcoin bottom to come sometimes in a few months. You and davinci keep mentioning this so I take your words on this and I’m saving fiat until we test it break below 3100

    • A broken clock is right twice a day. Crypto TA is a broken clock. You’ll get something right eventually and think you’re god and let everyone know about it!!

    • when we get to 10 mil people will be wishing they shouldve bought at 250k. So you like buying at All time highs, thats your problem.

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    • Your capital is at risk as cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in price and are, therefore, not appropriate for all investors but those who have been able to find a good system of trade devoid of emotions which can ruin you financially. And i also recommended you to Lynwood system because i have been into it for the past 7 months now.

  6. Alessio think about my previous post. I guess the false breakout is yet also. Maybe Iam wrong but to be bullish yet is a bit too early. I am waiting of the depression panic drop. If Iam wrong I buy later (higher price of course)=> these would be if the 20MA is significant higher than MA
    Fact is the bulls are not 100% confirmed. As per my prediction everything seems in correct analyses so far. You will know it when next panic will reach the crypto market.

    Hence you are absolut correct!

    Anyway in case you want buy BTC ect. please be aware not be fall in FOMO and looking for buying oprtubity below the the 20SMA. At the moment the 20 and 50SMA are really close to each other, which could signal the end of the bearmarket on the other hand.

    My estimation to my guess is:
    Market is controlled (unfortunatly) by big guys who want people to guess that crypto winter is over. By the fact that the binance coin is pumped very well its a small clue that binance buying BTC back after the next panic drop. This is my explanation of this weiered binance pump.

  7. How about buy half now and average down if/when it goes lower? Never going to catch the bottom or top. That’s why I never buy or sell everything. Do it in stages and don’t sweat it.

    • That is also an interesting strategy – some traders use it. I would say it is OK as long as one manages the risk. thanks

  8. Show me chart I will tell you news. Tell my history price and current price I will tell you current time to buy >> No need more research just alien theory

    • the halvening isn’t speculation dickhead…lol its an actual event, far out and you think i am an idiot.people trade for longer than 2 weeks bro haha+nico d

  9. Disagree, if you buy now you just hold and ride out any downturn, there’s more upside than down so you just wait out the little bit of downside.

  10. my trezor has no stop-loss function…if im sleeping and the price is crashing i can´t do anything… storing a big amount of crypto on exchanges is not that smart i think

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