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40 Comments on One Chart Calls BS on the Market’s Rally

    • That doesn’t mean anything. Maybe Coinbase or another large exchange is moving coins to a different storage location.

  1. I don’t understand how they put that stamp “dumb money” and “smart money” what are the characteristic that defines smart and dumb money?

  2. Alessio is getting ready to short the market. I think we have only a month before a huge crash. Not a investment advice

  3. Im not pulling out of the market but I have most certainly leaving my earnings as cash for now. Dont want to miss any gains but I think its wise just to be cautious at the moment. Good video Alessio.

  4. you are awesome, thanks!, every morning I am checking you channel to see if a new video has been launched to learn something new. YOU ARE THE MAN!

    • Nice move ! I wanted to do the same, got an account on an ETF but I’m new to stock markets (always traded crypto) so I just could not get how it works and how to short. 🙁

  5. Definitely one of the reasons that motivates me to always watch you is the fact that you do short and focused videos, with a clear objective in each one.

  6. No offense, I watched this entire video and learned absolutely nothing… and sir, from what data a “dumb and smart chart” is created ? Is it scientifically proven like a real chart with candlesticks over timeframes ?

    • Maybe there is nothing wrong with the information presented but your own intellect and understanding that is flawed!

    • Why dont you google smart and dumb money these videos arent for people with 0 economic/trading knowledge why are u even watching this if u dont know anything at all

    • +Choo Choo TV I don’t think his intellect is flawed if he chooses to question the “experts” and how they pull thier theories together on where the market will go. Even Alessio himself has said many times to be a contrarian. If people like you just roll with Alessio says along with all his other 180k of subs, suddenly you have been come the new breed of sheep contrarians trading to the same indicators.

      I have been hearing every expert making calls for months about the Stock market giving warnings about a crash, and they are adding postions into gold and couple weeks later flip 180 into saying thier bullish again and exiting gold….some have gone 360. Smart money is the insiders pulling the strings perhaps even buying back thier own stocks keeping this illusion alive, dumb money is the rest of those making calls wrong and change thier story over and over based on what the charts tell them this week.

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