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33 Comments on Nobody Likes Me ☹️

  1. I’m First for the first time Alessio !! I first saw you on the interview where you said that you go to sleep wishing for a recession 🙂

  2. Think your videos are a great help to demystify assumptions passed by the common media,
    Thanks for your hard work

    • I told you. I’m just an Arquitect, I never ever ever like Economics, but thanks to your videos You have me watching and learning. Thank you so much for excelent presentación!
      Learning is not about about my face, or body, or my PPT. It’s about facts,
      the one who doesn’t want to understand, then …..
      Does It matter?

  3. Don’t worry about what people say, we love you and you can’t please everyone.. 🍻🍻🍻 cheers buddy and go WINX

  4. Some people think because they watch TEDx they think they are philosophical. Or some sort of a higher being. Best thing KISS!

  5. We don’t like you! You’re right.
    But we love you! You’ve helped so many of us in TA. Personally is a big fan of yours… Keep it up

  6. Yep! I’ve seen that video! Thought it was excellent!

    Bitcoin ‘Block reward ‘Halving hype’ another day closer…..

  7. You’re my favorite Italian-Persian. Then again, I only know one Italian-Persian so take that with a grain of salt

  8. Knowledge is power Alessio gracias for you time.THE TIME THE MOST EXPENSIVE CURRENCY

  9. Alessio….

    Separating the ladies and gents from the boys and girls.

    We DON’T want to rub shoulders with those who constantly need spoon feeding.

    Horrible but true.

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