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40 Comments on Next Downside Targets for Two Major Cryptos

    • +Alessio Rastani maybe I’m wrong but I’m wondering if BTC/XLM pair is more important than USD/XLM? Can this be used for other price targets, I applied this on BTC/XLM pair (1D chart) and the price would be around 2575, which would match EMA 100 (1W chart), EMA 200 1W would be better but we don’t have that much data. WDYT, could 2575 hold? btw awesome videos as always

    • found more history on Poloniex, STR ticker, hm, seems we might hit 1800ish satoshi, anyway, I’m out of XLM since 2930 so no stress 😀

    • I am sure that by the time we get to that new low we can apply the same formula again and set another target 50% to the downside ad infinitum. Buy when they are crying, sell when they are yelling. Nuff said.

  1. Alessio, look at dash on poloniex, it has price history back to 2014, same with stellar lumens, just find a different exchange to find further price history

  2. Just FYI Alessio, in TradingView you can get a lot more price history by using the DASH/USDT pair from Poloniex. Same goes for the Poloniex DASH/BTC pair.

  3. Hope your having a great Sunday. As usual another groundbreaking video of how to trade the right way. Cheers and sincere blessing for letting us in your circle of knowledge. There is no way that most of us would have been exposed to these strategies and ideas without your unselfish contribution to the life. Thank you immensely.

  4. Let’s face it guys. It’s nice to learn from Alession and all, but deep down we all are waiting for a vid titled “BTC has hit the bottom, BUY LIKE CRAZY NOW BOIS!” haha!

    • That will never happen because the chance that even pro’s like Alessio might get it wrong would damage his reputation. He would rather publish there is a good chance that we had hit the bottom OR it seems like we have already hit the bottom a few weeks ago (but it is too late now).

  5. One thing to take into consideration that at these levels (Potential bottoming levels); when the mass majority of traders have already become complacent that these patterns will break lower; is exactly when we rebound. Be a contrarian. This is the time that traditional technical analysis can fail; for example many times wave I & II can be formed as a leading diagonal, or from a bearish perspective a rising wedge. This acts as a trap. Keep your stop loss tight if you’re shorting.

  6. Nice I did not know about the 1.272? Bitcoin loves the golden ratio and the 61.8 levels. Very informative video as never look at the dollar value of a crypto

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