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54 Comments on My War Indicator Just Flashed A Warning Signal

  1. #GreatrespectAllessio
    No one is immortal , spread ,love, peace and live happily…

    • (((666)))) controls the US foreign policy and remember what (((their)))) rabbi says

      The white race which includes Persians and Christianity must be destroyed for their messiah to come

      This the greater project for Israel !

      Left vs right is a side show remember obama and Libya Syria !?

      (((666)))) are behind wars central banking porn transgenderism anti white agenda

      The Saudis are crypto (((666)))

    You rock, Alessio.

  3. Alessio, everyday I admire your work and honesty more and more.
    I admire that you willing to say the truth, even you know a lot of people might stand against you !!!

  4. Very sobering video, especially as I’m a Lebanese living in Beirut. Thanks Alessio. Keep up the great content

  5. Well, after Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, Iran is one of the next 3 out of the total 7 on the list.

    • ​+Farhan amin – you must invest in Bitcoin. Spread the word, because when the Cabal war machine comes knocking, you are going to need a stable currency in comparison to your Paskitani Rupee. So listen to Alessio and decentralize away from the war mongers! إن شاء الله

    • The US military should stand against these Talmudic degenerates because these (((666))) plot the destruction of the white race and Christianity

      AIPAC SPLC ADL all terrorist organizations that promote anti white hatred and bigotry

      The greatest lie ever perpetuated on western civilization is that (((666))) are Gods chosen

      The second biggest is WW2

      Must watch documentary Europa the last battle

    • Thanks for your positive opinion. I read your comment and as an Iranian felt proud to have a good stance. I want to add a point to your good comment here. There is a BIG difference between the Iranian ordinary people you meet and the lunatics in IRGC who I think are a terrorist organization for real even against their own people and country. Not to be mistaken, I hate wars, and I don’t support any military conflicts. But let’s face it, we Iranians know that the entire regime, government and IRGC are murderous corrupt thieves. Although in very different scales, but I guess you could say there is such a difference between many extremist governments (and not just the known monarchies/dictatorships) and the ordinary people from that country. I know for a fact that not so many people in US think like John Bolton who likes to start a war, or despise Donald Trump’s actions, or not so many people in Saudi Arabia like to terrorize and assassinate journalists and contrarians like MBS does. My point is to say, it’s about time we learned that if a government or a politician says or does something, that is not to be automatically assigned to the people from that country, too. If we can separate these things and believe that the corrupt elites with powers, money and guns try to draw biased pictures to attract opinions of the masses for their own interests, then WE as PEOPLE can live in peace together anywhere in the world and ignore the biased media. It might not stop the wars for good, but it would certainly help us reach a mutual respect and understanding towards each other. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”.
      PS: I came here for trading tips, and see what happened now. You see Alessio, see what you did?! 😀

    • The United States has been hijacked by AIPAC and foreign agents

      The same (((666))) who plot the destruction of the white race including Persians and Christianity

      These (((parasites))) rabbi openly admits that their messiah cannot come until the white race and Christianity are destroyed

      These are the parasites behind mass immigration policies and abortion anti white agenda porn

      The greatest lie ever perpetuated on western civilization is that they are Gods chosen!

      The second biggest is WW2

      Must watch documentary Europa the last battle

  6. Ithink you have been warning of a crash since 2011 the year the market started the most bullish market of all time

  7. Good catch on LMT! Thank you. One thing you forgot to mention, that is, whenever the peace economy tanks the US ramps up the war economy.

  8. Thanks master Joda, for teaching me something new today. I never heard of the war indicator.

    Every day we learn something new. Thanks!

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