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My Time Machine Indicator on Bitcoin is Saying This

Our time projection indicator – also called our "time machine" indicator – is showing to us TWO probable date predictions for likely time resistance on bitcoin. What could these levels mean and how can we interpret them. We examine the charts.

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50 Comments on My Time Machine Indicator on Bitcoin is Saying This

  1. Where were these time machines when we were hovering orotund 6k for months? When you said an upside could be possible

  2. Thank you this video, as a starting trader I am learning a lot from your videos! Keep up the good work.

    • cheers 🙂 Of course, nobody knows with CERTAINTY. The whole art and science of analysis is to increase one’s PROBABILITIES. That is all 🙂 thanks

    • +Alessio Rastani actually the USA knows with certainty because Russia is buying bitcoin and the USA will not let russia, North Korea, Iran own the bitcoin, not to mention they own 250k bitcoins that we know about (over 100k from silk road, over 100k from Kracken hack recovery) the whale I talked to said 45k by/around summer.

    • He did a video with this time / price indicator before about 6 months to a year ago and he bloody nailed it! I also don’t fully understand it though.

    • it has to do with the cycles of time that the big players are using. Imagine for a moment that you have the funds to pay researchers to figure out the best cycles to trade and you then go and do that, plus maybe 100 or so other investors. This leaves a paper trail of these cycles that they have been trading. Since they are using the dimension of time to project thier price targets, the time offers insight (like support and resistance) in the same way that price does. For example you can logically find that buying 2-3 days after a big drop stabilizes is a safe place to buy long. This is because you are using the support of the current time cycle.

    • Sorry to hear it . I will try harder to simplify it next time. The main takeaway is the idea of time as resistance on price. Thanks

    • It is going to 45k by summer invest now or short it while leveraged from 45k either way nice profit, better to buy now sell then short.

    • Thanks. As you know there are no holy grail indicators. They are based on probability not certainty. So the fact that there will be false signals is a given. We mentioned this many times. Thanks very much

  3. Price bottom is under $1500. I think price touch lower BB on monthly chart will be the real bottom of Bitcoin. Thanks Alession for this great content.

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