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10 Comments on Monday Morning Bitcoin Talk Show with your Calls #LIVE

  1. 57:45 I called in and completely destroyed many of the misconceptions Thomas has regarding the 2nd amendment. Unfortunately I forgot to bring up and discuss the facts surrounding the citizen journalist investigation known as pizzagate. Expect another call soon Thomas, lol.

    • It often sounds that way to the good little girls who aren’t allowed to own scary things. Give your bitcoin back to daddy, you’re probably better off with permission than sovereignty.

  2. Thomas is 100% right about the distinction between “voter’s fraud” and “election fraud” 31:10.

  3. Bullets – 1:17:05 True story:
    1) I once had 11500 lbs of lead, sailing the world, attached to the bottom of my boat (the keel) – no problem.
    2) The boat wrecked on the shore, and the lead was immediately deemed “hazmat” by “authorities”, and had to be removed under threat of huge fines.
    3) The looters soon got on it, chopped off chunks of the lead, poured it into ammo moulds, and presumably shot it all over the place in small amounts (into trees for target practice, into animals for hunting, into people for self-defense (or maybe terrorism?)) – Anyway, at that point the lead, the same damned lead, was “constitutionally protected”, right?

  4. Another great issue of the programme. I imagine some of the audience getting very cross for expressing your views. However, you take the right approach. If everybody was to agree with everybody else, well… we wouldn’t be where we are. I don’t agree with some of the your opinions, but I enjoy the show a lot. You are doing a great job.
    The following is taken from the script of the movie Everything is illuminated, 2005

    I have reflected many times upon our rigid search.

    It has shown me…

    …that everything is illuminated in the light of the past.

    It is always along the side of us…

    …on the inside, looking out.

    Like you say, inside out.

  5. Principles over identity politics and talking points. The ‘yeah-buts’ will always lead you down that slippery slope. Look how many fallacious beliefs of Peter Gunn’s 1:00:00 you have to buy into before his arguments make any sense- reactionary anyone? Again, Bitcoin don’t play dat game. If you want a revolution start with your world view that doesn’t sound like an Eore party.

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