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36 Comments on Momentum is Shifting Higher for This Crypto

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people are claiming dash could actually go past 122 dollars in about 5 days. Time to load up I think. 👍👍👍

    • +SWIFT ACADEMY Sounds like you need to learn about money first, seeing you don’t get taught on schools you’ll have figure it out for yourself, which is not an easy task.
      But one think you should be able to understand, If you need a stake of paper, that takes longer to count than it does it’s worth, than and a digital currency, do just that in seconds, is a game charger. Hyperinflation basically kills ever ones wealth, better to hold you’re wealth in a more stable currency.

  2. This is because a major Evolution is getting released. Some really interesting functionalities will be available very soon.

  3. I’m also a big fan of Dash 😀 and Nauticus! (they are up 35% after announcing their full launch! )

  4. Very sound analysis, good work! Also thanks for the Dash coverage, so much going on and not enough people talking about it.

  5. Good morning from Switzerland
    Thank you for giving your precious time🙏
    I am a Dash holder. Good project.

  6. Hi Alessio, I was just wondering, on average, how often do you post alerts (such as this video) in your members section?

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