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39 Comments on Markets Move Closer to a Dangerous SELL Signal… Here’s Why

  1. You always say that you’re only interested in the meat of a hamburger, not the bun, but it seems that every time you show you entry/exit points they are the buns!

    • LOL Sometimes the markets can be very kind to us, yes – specially with the extra toppings and ketchup and mayonnaise. But not always! 🙂

  2. Whoever you are. 😅😂🤣
    How could you dislike such effort🧐
    People are paying for information crazy amount of money 😂😅🤣
    And we get it for free.
    Maybe this is the reason why.
    Anyway I appreciate it.
    I’m just wondering 🤔🤨😏

    Thank you

    • Alessio has Amazing videos, the dislikes are probably Bitcoin maximalists because he’s pretty bearish on Bitcoin at times. I don’t always agree with BTC forecasts but I appreciate his perspective on Bitcoin.

  3. Very informative, much appreciate it! would be great to know your idea on “War indicator” (you called it in other videos), it seems it broke the residence (previous hight). Looking at news, specially from gulf region, we might be close a real conflict (hopefully not)!

  4. It probably won’t take out the lows until the post market Friday, after the options expire worthless, leaving a major crash to occur over the weekend that nobody can do anything about until Monday.

  5. Hi Alessio !
    I highly appreciate your honest technical analysis and probabilities of the market behaviour !
    Thank you for yet another brilliant piece of work !

  6. Bitcoin has never seen a recession it was born from one so this will be interesting to see how bitcoin handles this

    • Exactly I feel btc will show its true powers however manipulators will play a big role, becz they know money is gona come in.

    • i think itll go down in price a lot, people will cash out. a recession is not the time to gamble with risky things

    • I say down. Fear will cause People to cash out because Cash is still King…

      Long-term I think it’s good for bitcoin’s prices to significantly drop before the next major rally and before in
      the next Halving in May 2020

  7. With the power of tether, we can possibly see 100k bitcoin, no need to worry about any recession effect.

  8. Great video Alessio! Since watching your previous videos I chose to also short the S&P around 2970-2930 range and like you said, that move is going well so far. As you also mentioned later in the video; I find it amazing that the news outlets are so slow in reporting the inverted yield curve! Proof that you shouldn’t refer to mainstream media, unless you want to be a member of the herd!

    • Well said Matt, I quite agree! 🙂 And well done on your trade – you deserve all the credit! 🙂

  9. Good video. One thing that came to my mind though, is since it seems like Everybody is talking about recession, wouldn’t it be prudent to consider going the opposite?.. i.e. isn’t this the news for the masses? Just a thought I had while watching.

    • Thanks Brent – you make an excellent point. I thought the same as well. For the moment, I am watching the key levels. As long S&P remains below 2945 (daily key level) the selling pressure remains (i.e. with the bears). Above that level (and specially if S&P moves above 3020) we may have to reconsider the bearish scenario completely and potentially adopt the bullish scenario. cheers

  10. I like Alessio and Gregory Mannarino. You guys are the best and all i say is: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Mainstream media is always late and worthless.

  11. If you want an honest, educated opinion on all markets this is your guy! 💪💯👍🌎✨⭐️

  12. hi Alessio,if u have long term stocks,would u rotate into gold ?where would you place your money ,what is the plan?

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