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41 Comments on Keep Your Eye on These 2 Cryptos

    • Joakim Støre – With all due respect to Alessio, it’s very easy to state a fact after its happened. Heavy speculation on non existent fundamentals, it’s just hype, let’s see what happens when and if its dumped.

    • Rene Tobe or great fail . Please research previous real history of Charles . He is a great presenter but look for more …

    • I follow allot of projects. My favourites are Cardano, Bitcoin, Tron, Ripple, Dash, Stellar. Yes I know what I’m talking about. Cardano is a revolutionair project, with Shelly release soon coming. Allot people in this space are childish and on personal vendetta. Take a look at all the scientists that are working on Cardano from the company IOHK. Its phenomenal and very impressive. No other project has so much amazing smart people working on a project. Cardano is much much more then a person or crypto assest.

  1. Cardano Summit in April in Miami…Shelley staking will start…Moon is first stop..later we go other galaxy.

  2. Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, Iceland,US/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold confiscation 1933 – These are events that ‘traders’ sometimes forget. Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as Litecoin or Bitcoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets. – Litecoin Mining reward ‘halving’ 2019! Bitcoin 2020!

    • I’ll tell you why I like Dash more than Litecoin. Dash has much more functionality and development being done on it. Making it unique. LTC is basically just a copy of BTC with 4 times as many coins and 4 times faster block times. It doesn’t have a self funded treasury like Dash does. So It’s development is dependent on BTC cores development. Most upgrades are a copy paste of cores work and they aren’t working in LTC’s best interest, Because they’re BTC core not LTC core. It doesn’t stand up as well as a store of value as BTC and the narrative of it being better for payments than BTC is being stomped out by the lightning network and Dash’s instant send capability.

    • Governance, doublespend proof instant transactions, privacy, active development, masternodes, Dash ventures, Dash DAO funding and soon to be 51% attack proof via LLMQ’s, DAPI, Dapps, Dash drive, blockchain based user names and much more.

      litecoin is boring

  3. Finally someone who understands I’ve only got 120 seconds to volunteer to you I have many other things on my mind this morning thank you for your show subscribe with update

  4. Stay focused on buying silver and gold God’s money
    Forget crypto crap, paper currencies, stocks, bonds, they will soon be come worthless!

  5. You must be heavily invested in dash since you keep spamming it. There are way better projects out there and keen to pump much more than dash.

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