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51 Comments on It’s Now Officially a BEAR Market. What’s Next?

  1. Loving the holiday intro Alessio! Thanks for keeping us up to date. It is absolute chaos but I’m excited for this blood on the streets 🦈

    • Thanks Zach – yes I agree with you. The best opportunities are, as you correctly say, when there is “blood on the streets” in the markets. Hopefully in 2019 there will be plenty of that. thanks!

    • +thoushaltsalt BTC can’t go to 1k w 60 EH/s of mining power and survive. At 1k most miners would idle opening an avenue of attack. BTC is not a a traditional asset. It cannot go *too* low. Or else it risks an attack. At 3k it had lost 2/3rds of its mining prowess. At 1k it would potentially lose 5/6th of it, opening it to an attack (short+attack rather).

      Always keep that in mind for those predicting an 1k BTC (if it reaches those levels an attack happens and falls significantly lower, it cannot retain 1k without it being attacked).

    • Robert Tomkinson shh.. let it be.. crypto is not for everyone.. 🙂 he prolly will start buying at 100k.. and thats fine

  2. Hi Alessio! Wouldn’t this bear market for stocks be a great thing for the cryptocurrency market? It seems that the whole the stock market is entering a bear market recession the crypto market is almost about to finish it’s bear market so what do you think?

    • +Manuel Fischer to be fair he doesn’t really know in fact NOBODY knows what “wave” we are in and even if the silly wave theory has any truth to it….

    • +Tedahwooga I think Alessio is right we are in wave 3 the key is will this bounce in the crypto markets confirm a wave 4 or not? Time will tell.

    • +Tedahwooga the wave theory is not stupid, but everyone can think what he wants. I share the opinion that we will test the 3k, but nobody knows as you said.

    • +Manuel Fischer when something goes from 100$ beginning a year and ends at 19000$ at the end NO TA can predict any of it

  3. In fairness, CBS News today said we were officially in a bear market. Alessio, do you know much about the hyperwave theory? Can you do a video on it if you do? Thanks

  4. Alessio I’m a fan of yours so don’t take this the wrong way but when the Dow theory painted a sell signal you said you weren’t concerned about it and still expected a Christmas rally, but now your video tells us you went short…? Hmm ….

    • +Royyan Ibrahim more indirect than direct imo. Crypto market cap too small to be directly related to the normal markets in any way… however that 73% chance of a recession from stock market bears will deffo be important. Esp since crypto has never seen a recession so will be very interesting to see what happens!

  5. Economic recession=crypto bull run. It’s all been planned and manipulated to introduce electronic money and create a one world currency which is possibly going to be Ripple. This way the Global elite can control the financial system even more in their New World order

  6. Hi Alessio!

    Great analysis again. I trade Cryptoassets/Forex and I learned a lot from you. I was wondering if you were planning to gift some of your indicators like LT Pulse and LT Gamma Confirmation for the Christmas. 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation.

  7. I read a book, “The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017-2019 Can Make You Rich”. I think it will happen in 2019.

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