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‎6428.02 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Italian Court Seizes Crypto Exchange BitGrail’s Bitcoin Wallets

3 Reasons Why Ethereum Is A Better Investment Than Bitcoin, According to Brian Kelly –

Peter Todd on Twitter: "I've suspected for awhile that regulation is likely to lead to more fraud, by legitimizing worthless tokens. I didn't predict this, but damn, the idea that accredited investors could legally get all the upside, then sell that useless pumped "utility" crap to the public is nuts.… "

WhalePanda on Twitter: "Got to love that $EOS decentralization. "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "Been working on turning my novel into a Kindle Book (& paperback). I made a starter cover. =[8-) #bitcoin… "

Citibank fined $100 million for interest rate manipulation

The court’s decision to let AT&T and Time Warner merge is ridiculously bad – The Verge

The Genesis Files: If Bitcoin Had a First Draft, Wei Dai’s B-Money Was …

Half of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies May Be Securities: Crypto Hedge Fund

CoinDaddy on Twitter: "A great journalist requires a rare breed of characteristics. They must be smart enough to completely grasp the topic, yet not courageous enough to be a player themselves. They then must not feel bad about that reality. That's how you get excellent writing."

COINLORD on Twitter: "Wow – bcash lost half its hashrate in just 1 week. #bitcoincash #BCH #bcash… "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "#bitcoin… "

John Carvalho on Twitter: "I made a conscious decision not to join the ICO craze to fund my business, because not only do I find it unethical to offer a psuedo-security without actual equity, but because I knew the SEC would see it as a security offering anyway. Yet, my obedience only cost me in the end.… "

John Carvalho on Twitter: "Competitors that ignored regulations and ethics went ahead with ICOs, and got overfunded on the backs of rabid/ignorant speculators, and now get to keep that money? So the correct move was to break the law? Is that what you are telling me @SEC_News ?!… "

Kevin ''DELETE COINBASE'' Pham on Twitter: "So the age of crony crypto has begun… Hashpower protects Bitcoin. Men with guns protect Ethereum. This day will go down in infamy… As the day crypto lost its soul and embraced the crony capitalist system it was trying to destroy.… "

Emzy ₿ on Twitter: "One day time lapse video of #LightningNetwork #bitcoin "

Coinsiglieri on Twitter: "To the moon!… "

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