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Is This Leading Indicator Now LAGGING the Market?

Could this important leading indicator for the markets now be lagging behind – or is it sending a strong warning instead? We examine the charts of both bitcoin and the stock markets. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #StockMarkets

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47 Comments on Is This Leading Indicator Now LAGGING the Market?

  1. Of course there is no certainty regarding anything in markets. The probabilities are overwhelming that we have bottomed. And most analysts that I know have already or are coming around to this.

    • Thanks for your comment. You make an interesting and important point. My feeling is that you are correct that a lot of analysts and people are of the opinion that bitcoin has bottomed- or that we are in a bull market. They might be right – BUT they may be wrong too. History also shows that when everyone is thinking the same thing, Bitcoin (or the market) will usually do the OPPOSITE. So their unanimity in being bullish could be a contrarian indicator. I will examine this next week. Thanks

    • Alessio Rastani Point well taken! Understand that I’m not saying that significant retracements / corrections will not happen. History has proven this to be the case. That said, I find it very difficult to believe that BTC will fall below its December 2018 low. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. But I think the probabilities are in my favor and that’s all I can ask for. BTW, enjoy your work.

    • Alessio Rastani u do that sir , coz according to magic Poop Cannon trader and analyst bitcoin still has to touch logarithmic curve that bitcoin has always touched that will take it to 3000-4000 again .. your views

    • Anon YMouse I believed that is exactly the message I conveyed above. There is no certainty is markets just probabilities. Please reread.

    • Lucas Davenport Lucas Davenport…none of us have a clue where it’s going so I don’t know why everybody is so sure making their predictions. You were probably saying it hadn’t a chance of breaking 6k a few months ago when it was 3-4K and it went to 9k in a matter of weeks.did you predict it was going to 9k also..?
      People have being predicting a pull back for weeks now and hasn’t done it yet but I suppose if you say it for long enough eventually you’ll be right because inevitably there will be some kind of pull back sooner or later. You don’t have to be a trader to figure that out. It might never see 3k ever again for all you know and if it goes to 3k what’s stopping it go to 1-2k..?

    • Settle down everyone just grab a pencil and a note pad and take notes. I predicted 8k when BTC was at 5.8k (but not 9k). We just broke 9k – 9.4k. I’m short 9.2k current price 8.8k (taking all profits now). The weekly will close tonight. IF WE CLOSE THE WEEKLY BETWEEN 8.8k – 9.1k WE WILL MOVE HIGHER 9.6k – 10.6k Maybe higher maybe we will top out in this range I don’t know. However, if we close the weekly between 8.2k – 8.6k then buckle your seat belts we are in for a wild ride to the down side. Feel free to challenge this comment or give it a like if it plays out. The price action should start to get pretty volatile around June 18 through the end of the month.Good luck and safe Trading guys! 😁

  2. I hope you’re right for many of us, I missed the 3700 level and kick myself every day. Peace!

  3. Not speaking about iran ?
    Oil higher with iran conflict And those tankers in fire.
    All markets up.

    • @Alessio Rastani as we learned from Mr Alessio .. the events and actions are following the chart of Bitcoin … Not the opposite .. we waiting for eoy to really mooning

  4. 5,8K?! Not impossible but i don t believe it…… we ll stay some time next to 9k and then we will reach 10 k …. maybe more

    • He keeps moving the goal post and reshuffling the deck. Weeks ago he basically said we’d be in a Bull Market if Bitcoin hit $6800… it DID and it kept consolidating and going up. He convinced a lot of people to wait for the buy-in Low… not me. Now he’s back to the “wave” thing again. Of course anything can happen, but Bitcoin doesn’t cater to old school. This guy is like a slick, used car salesman playing Whac-A-Mole. I’ve had enough Brylcreem mentality. UNSUBBED.

  5. We followed you since 5000$ to 9000$ still no correction. I failed but you also failed. We should agree that, we sucked.! Rocket is on the way to Moon and we are still on Earth.

    • Lol. Well I agree with you that the markets will humiliate all of us from time to time – and yes that means we will suck at those times. Nonetheless, patterns do repeat – and good things may come to those who are patient and wait. Thanks :))

  6. Hummm … the N°5 of the N°1, that way .. maybe !!! I might have missunderstood u last video …. But I still fo assure u BTC gave both and it had been confirm with March closure …

  7. Btc does a 2x off the low…. we might not be sure if it has bottomed. Btc hits 100k. Okay we definitely had an uptrend going on. C’mon. You have to expect people to razz you a bit on that. No market ever gives someone absolute certainty. This is an uptrend until it’s not

  8. your guess on charting is as good as mine =we all dont know-it could be this and could be that

  9. can you be optimistic now and leave your weak chart setup? why you didn’t buy below 6k now crying for it to dump back to 6k lol

  10. Thanks again Alessio! I can help you out with editing your videos and add in motion graphics? We set up pro bono contract for trading lesson.

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