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31 Comments on Is This Bitcoin’s LEADING Indicator?

  1. Nice point of view, always interesting and… what a beautiful blonde walking in front of you Alessio! 😀

    • Probably nothing happens. Hype is over and it goes down! In last halving it started going down 50 days before the halving.

  2. Enjoyed this video a lot, Alessio! A very unique angle and thought process here. I also especially like how you mix in beautiful scenes of the countries you visit… I enjoyed the BBQ footage and different meat cooking techniques in your last visit to Iran. Keep up the great work! 😎👍

  3. Nice, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging video, Bitcoin has to be the trend and has been helping people grow lately, due to the lack of experience, knowledge, and ignorance about the crypto world made most of us lose our Bitcoin, me recovering half of what have lost was hell for me cause I had to do some major research, watch videos, fortunately for me I was introduced to Mr Erik Larsson from the UK who is addressed as the “TradeMaster”, he was always mentioned by most traders and YouTube videos cause of his experience and good works and was fortunate to get to him is mail, he provided me with the basic of understanding the benefit of trading over hodling especially in speculative market, I was able to recover my loss without him asking for my account or private info. If you have lost so much in live cryptocurrency, holding or want to know more on how to have a sustainable portfolio you can reach him at via eriklarsson888@gmailcom WhatsApp * +447426071628

    • To anyone who’s wondering wether to use the number above or not:

      USERNAME checks…. these scammer have no activity on their YouTube accounts… and not even the fake people who reply to their comments.

  4. December 2017 ltc (I Think was around $53) it did not move for weeks when BTC was pumping to new highs, once BTC started to dump…. BOOM LTC went from double figures to triple figures (300+$) in a mater of days. Iv been saying this for a long time LTC is an indicator to bitoin.. when LTC does not move very much is a sign BTC is about to end its bull run.

  5. Alesio, I am really surprised to see you in Latvia, as soon as your last video started, that place near the lake looked very familiar to me and then you say; Hello from Latvia 😆. Haha. It kind of shocked me. I am glad you are enjoying your stay and I hope you like the food too! It would be awesome to randomly meet legendy trader like you in one of the caffe’s of Old City centre of Riga. I’m sure we’d have an interesting conversation about trading. 🙂

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