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38 Comments on Is Bitcoin’s Surge for Real or “Pump and Dump”?

  1. Just because of this channel, I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I was thinking the same as Alessio, so we’ll just have to see in a few months time! This is FUN!

  2. Personally I think the most important thing I got from this video is wait for the next pull back and then increase position. The next decent pull back could possible be the end of the bear market. Very interesting times. Thank you Alessio.

    • If you think Bitcoin is going to go up, this year or next, you should already have bought some @ $3400. If it goes back down below that buy some more. Waiting for an imaginary bottom most likely means you’ll miss the boat. If you don’t think it’s going back up why are you even here? Listening to these experts will only confuse you……buy now before you regret it. 😊

    • I was holding 2btc from $6000 so was down quite a bit. When the price fell to $3400 I bought another…….clever me. End of 2020 is when I’m hoping to take profits. 😊

    • +AyrBlues buy some komodo icon nuls. you will probably have 10x profit in BTC next bull run

    • Is 3rd April in Australia and still pumping. Ltc bottomed 14th December, unlikely we will see that buying opportunity again.
      The April fools might turn out to be the ones who sold up hoping for a $1 Btc again. They will be the ones caught with their pants down as the Btc ship slowly sails away…

  3. as i said in one of your videos back in Oct 2018……

    i am all in for Spring 2019 and EOY 2020
    $3000 never seen again…. likely

  4. Thank you!!! Thank you for calming me (and probably many many more )! I was desperately waiting for wave 5…… chilled ! Thanks again

  5. Alessio, the pump is due to inverted head and shoulder on the daily. If you believe wave 4 then we have to go down, way…. Down like 1500-2200 you assume we are too far through the cycle in that description.

  6. I always luv your vids and information you provide..And you are usually right with what happens to BTC …thank you for your hard work and time you put in …

  7. Thanks for the video Alessio but I do not recall you calling this Bitcoin pump.

    Thanks for the information though.

    • Thanks Nathan. You are correct, it was not mentioned in my regular videos. It was mentioned in the member videos (as I stated in today’s video). thanks

    • +FOMOYOLOMOFO show some respect, if you can give better analysis go ahead. I have followed Alesio for a few years and he never has guaranteed something only suggested the most likely outcomes in his opinion, he has been on point most of the time.

    • +JBruv1 I think he was upset about the fact that the most useful information is behind the paywall. I kinda agree.

  8. Alessio, has Wave-4 Target been hit now or are you awaiting a re-test to circa $5250 (Bitfinex)??

    Thanks! ✌️

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