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Is Bitcoin’s REAL Target $1 Million?

Could bitcoin potentially head to $1 million? What could trigger such an event? And what could drive bitcoin down to zero? I ask these questions from bitcoin expert Dominic Frisby. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #DominicFrisby

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39 Comments on Is Bitcoin’s REAL Target $1 Million?

    • You know ponzis go into a bubble, then burst and they don’t come back. But assets go into bubbles, burst and after a large decline, they come back and repeat the cycle. That’s what stocks do. That’s what real estate does. That’s what bonds do. ETC. That is what bitcoin has been doing.

  1. Who knows if bitcoin will reach 1 million but I see for certain Alessio hitting 1M subs!

  2. consider how much btc has lost and how much is going to be lost or taken.. so calculate again with the rest

  3. You don’t have to *spend* $21TR to get the market cap to $21TR. It will take only a fraction of that

    • Glad someone understands it. Nobody knows exactly what the ratio is, but it’s certainly not 1:1. 100 billion dollars poured into bitcoin would probably see the market cap go into trillions of dollars.

    • @octavianfx exactly. In theory someone could put $100 in and it could make btc go straight to a million if there were no sell orders.

    • @Mister Miyagi $1 into BTC moves the price up positively, $1 taken from BTC drives it down. The cap goes up significantly when large buy orders come in and there’s not enough sellers (supply & demand). Same goes for large sell orders, if everybody is selling it will drop the price because there’s more liquidity and BTC are more available so they become cheaper.

    • @Mister Miyagi market cap price is based on what people are willing to pay at that moment. It’s not the actual amount in the market. Ponder.

  4. Some study’s suggest bitcoin has a much lower supply than 21 million max. Apparently they estimate 4 million have been lost forever… So that brings it down to 17 million total supply and doesn’t factor in any potential losses in the future. Insane…

    • 【O6】 Yup, 4 to 6 mil lost so far and there will be a steady flow of bitcoin being lost over the coming decades as people die without sharing their recovery phrases and many wallets will be lost due to fires and natural disasters or simply misplaced. Some seniors will get dementia and forget how to access there wallets and so on… This is a naturally deflationary system.

      As the dollar inflates by 2% per year compounding and bitcoin’s inflation rate decreases exponentially at each halving, all bitcoin has to do is stand still and it gains value relative to the dollar, add in this deflation due to lost coin and bitcoin will continue to increase in value dramatically in the years to come!

  5. These questions by Alessio makes it so clear how little he knows about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Are these the best questions that he could of asked? Did he do even a minute of homework before this interview? Pretty clear he did not.

    • Lol. Feel free to watch the entire 1 hour long recording of the interview in the members update. It was even more interesting. Thanks

  6. Peter only thinks theres a 50% chance that Bitcoin is useless, because he is at least 50% clueless.

  7. More publicity for Bitcoin as the reward halvings draw closer. ⛱ Great news about Bitcoin and Litecoin adoption by Miami Dolphins 🐬 in the NFL. Whose next……….

  8. If somebody didn’t even believe that Bitcoin would go to $100 , how can you ask him if it’s going to $1,000,000 ?

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