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63 Comments on Is Bitcoin’s Insane Rally Hiding a Dangerous Pattern?

    • @Alessio Rastani I do remember your bullish video Alessio. It is one of the key reasons that I held so much money out of the market back when bitcoin was at $3500. It has been your continuous Bearish attitude that has kept me out of the market all of this time and I have now given away Five figure gains as a result. You are still calling for a massive retracement, which I am still waiting patiently for, but right now and much of the FOMO crowd are sitting on gains of 50% and upwards. My respect for your TA has not translated so well financially I’m sorry to say

    • Thanks Alessio. Love your vids bro. You neglected to mention that because of our body of knowledge of TA and fundamentals and historical price movements we have set ourselves up into a self fulfilling prophecy. This WILL happen because we train our machines (or the machines train themselves) using this data. History will always repeat like this because we continue to add this data and feedback of our human TA which is rooted in emotion. But there are black swan moments.

  1. Institutional money are entering in to most liquidate asset , bitcoin…that parabola is nothing .. draw line for next move to 80.000 …you will see…

    • David Agito no he actually didn’t delete any videos because I’m subscribed to his private index. He called the exact bottom at the exact time it happened and every move since then on the dot.

    • Max Kuprik I believed him too awhile back because he was claiming that he predicted the dec 2017 top at the exact date and he has proof. However after following him for awhile, I noticed that he just makes alot of predictions until one actually comes true.

    • David Agito yeah man I don’t know what to tell you… all I know is that out of all these traders and chart masters he’s the only one who called moves to the exact dates and amounts, I’m sure he’s been wrong before but so far his cycle analysis is working for me.

  2. In 2017 we have too much sentiment but nothing to deliver. Now, stocks are crashing, usa is fighting china, gold is not a good move and crypto market is now, 70% lower than ATH with stronger fundamentals. Lets see what happen

    • +N Mpz Somewhat agree with that for sure. TA only works well if many aspects are constant. Which isn’t the case in crypto for sure. So yes, everyone who makes decisions only based on TA (without a very proper risk-reward strategy), are going to get wrecked sooner or later.
      It is, however, a reflection of human behaviour so far and useful when used as a small piece of the puzzle. Besides it being a reflection, many people believe in TA and make decisions based on it. If you know what the majority is going to do, you can make better decisions for yourself (whether it is a counter move or not). 🙂
      So whether TA works or not… it wouldn’t be smart to ignore it completely.

  3. Clearly a retracement is coming, the important point is where btc finds support and is followed by a higher high being made.

    The fomo is strong right now

  4. Bitcoin doesn’t give a shart about a chart. It doesn’t care about old school logic. Everybody should relax and enjoy the ride and trust that we hodlers are gonna be laughing all the way to the bank in the coming years. Our boy is just stretching his legs. Sure there’ll be ups and downs, but this is becoming more & more accepted all over. It’s not JUST FOMO. It’s proliferating, in businesses, little by little. Screw all the idiot naysayers that berated us all these years. They’ll all be turning red while we’ll all be shitting green someday.

  5. if i’m not mistaken , i believe you are comparing sentiment at the end of the last bull run to the beginning of this one. Which I do not believe is a good comparison.

    Thanks for the content, food for thought

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