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40 Comments on Is Bitcoin Going to Bury All Other Cryptos and Altcoins?

    • LoL 🤣 yes… Too many *money men* called that one wrong… But they keep looking at crypto like a traditional market…And it’s not 🤷‍♂️

  1. Agreed bitcoin is the real innovation here .. every other token you could knock on the door of.. therefore they can’t be decentralised! ✌️

    • Yeah, why improve the “system”. The Ford model-T is perfect!!! lol You’re a visionary MrB1923. 1923 is probably the year you were born isn’t it? 😂

  2. This guy is not the right guy to ask this question. He doesn’t care and doesn’t know enough about crypto

    • A lot of technical analysis is based upon the idea that those that do know will impact the market and it will show up in the market based upon various factors such as patterns, volume, support and resistance areas, etc. Thus one doesn’t need to be an expert on a certain market sector, just observant enough to see “potentially” how a market may be moving through various setups. Notice I said “potentially”, not definitely.

    • Yes there is a lot more to this then anyone who has just spent a day looking at the space will realize. He admits he has not even looked at the fundamentals but granted has an opinion on the alt’s and he is entitled to have an opinion, having had much experience in other sectors. But he is way off and probably listened to much to the bitcoin max. bitcoin prob will be the coin for store of value and there will be at least 50 blockchains / coins that will have a very good future due to having a very solid use case. The new internet will not be build on bitcoin. Also bitcoin is bad as a payment method when you have much better coins that will take that role. The point is in the medium term most gains will come from the alts.

    • +bonsai treehouse If you trade crypto’s like that you could loose some money friend. They are 50% TA and 50% hype based on hearsay and fundamentals. One day is all it takes to change 30% of a given coins direction.

  3. Similar to the Dotcom boom, they’ll be a shakeout and consolidation of Cryptos. How many will eventually be used throughout the world? Probably just a handful. Thanks Alessio.

  4. I hope to see a day where people like O’leary will regret not having bought bitcoin. Bitcoin allows anyone to be their own bank. No more 3rd party entities, no more banks that won’t issue you a loan for whatever reason, no more ridiculous interest rates on the little money you save away while they all play with it making millions, no more governments spying on your every move. Only pure peer to peer exchange from one person to another. This is the value of cryptos to me. Thanks for all your analysis it has really helped me in the past few months !! from london uk !! keep your opinions and trades coming 🙂 many thanks . and you have been pretty much spot on so far all the time 🙂 ..I lost 3BTC when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about the great Mr. JACOB WESLEY contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 7BTC in less than a month from his tradings
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    • Been trying for a while to find someone who’s trustworthy to listen to and i’m glad i found your comment

  5. i must stay subscribed and endure the cringe clickbait titles different opinions are healthy for me must stay subscribed

  6. I respect the man for his point of view by he did saying that how can he see himself investing in the 99% well to be honest I think that it’s better to diversify your portfolio why have all your eggs in one basket. I like Bit coin But I truly believe that there are other projects out there with great potential just like XRP with ripple due to the fact that Brad garlinghouse has talked with the IMF and other major entities

    • Alpha Wolf FX & Crypto : diversifying your portfolio indeed is best. But when you invest in 10 coins, it still is less than 0.5% of all available cryptos nowadays. 3-5 coins is my Max. I have no interest in ‘best of the rest’. 😃

  7. Don’t forget, the Bitcoin’s sidekick, Litecoin. Those organizations work closely together with different use cases.

  8. To quote Denisse Shull in Market Mind Games:
    “The technology was so bad, but the marketing was so good, the stock just kept going up.”

    Now lets replace “stock” with “Bitcoin”…
    “The technology was so bad, but the marketing was so good, Bitcoin just kept going up.”

    The “Bitcoin only” narrative is driven by Bitcoin Maximalist who are scared by new upcoming coins that threaten Bitcoin’s dominance. These Maximalist are no different talking bad about altcoins, than Warren Buffet talking bad about Bitcoin: both are doing so to protect their investment (in the Maximalist case, protecting their own Bitcoin investment and in Buffet’s case protecting his investment in banks). There has never been one first mover technology that stayed at the top, they always get replaced. Go ahead, name one first mover tech that did not get replaced by a better technology. Sure it may take 20, 50 or even 100 year in Bitcoin’ case, but eventually it will get replaced by a better version that is equally secure and maybe even more decentralized.

    And even calling every other crypto “alt-coins” is ridiculous, something Maximalist came up with to scare the newbie coming into the crypto space for the first time, making it seem like Bitcoin is “the coin” and everything else is an (inferior) “alternative coin.” We don’t say US Dollars and then call everything else “Alternative US Dollars.” We say “currency” and let the free market decide what currency will win out (US Dolalrs, Yen, Euro, Peso, etc.) By default, for the Maximalist, they already made up their mind by calling everything else an altcoin and making it seem like Bitcoin is the winner.

  9. yea it is treu there are 1000s of altcoins so 99% would leave like 10-50 coins that are gona be used. Like the top 50

  10. he misses the whole internet 3.0 economy… it’s not just cryptocurrencies, it’s also smart contract platforms and utility tokens

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